CHEERS! It's a new year!  I cannot actually believe's 2018...
I am sad that Christmas is over but there are a lot of good things planned for the new year.  YAY!

Some of my 2017 highlights are...

~Getting engaged to the love of my life

~Committing to being a full time esthetician

~Road tripping to Oregon with my man

~Turning 25 years old

~Taking a snowboarding lesson with my sister

~Taking a spontaneous trip to Joshua Tree to camp in the middle of nowhere with Ty and our friends

~Getting my wisdom teeth removed

~Saying goodbye to our beloved family puppy Buddy

~Watching my (soon to be) brother in law graduate college

~Selling vintage stuff at the flea market with my mom and her fiancé

~My dad getting married

~Purchasing a r e a l Christmas tree for the first time with Ty

Annnnnd there is so much in between that was amazing too but I can't list it all!

And my resolutions are...

1. Food schedule.  I really want to eat at specific times everyday.  I did this while I wa…


I am excited to be writing this post because I l o v e doing fun festive things this time of year and now that it is's going to fly by.  And I would hate for it to be all over and I have not done anything fun!
Here are a few things you can do with your kids, lovers or friends this Holiday season that will for sure bring you some cheer!

1. Watch Christmas films!  I mean DUH!  There are tons of great movies out there to watch.  MY favorites are definitely the old 'claymation' classics like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  But there are others like ELF & Christmas with the Kranks that are hilarious.  Another great place to watch films like these is on ABC family.  They have a schedule for when they show certain films. (:

2. Look at Christmas lights.  This has a l w a y s been one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season ever since I was a little girl.  You can hop in the car and drive around.  You can either l…


I hope that everyone had a l o v e l y THANKSGIVING!  I love being able to spend time with family and eat a feast and think about what we are most thankful for.
I am most thankful for...
~Tyler.  My amazing fiancĂ©.  He has been my rock for the last 10 years and I just love him more and more every single day.  I cannot WAIT to marry him.
~My loving family.  They are always so supportive of me and always know how to cheer me up.  Family comes first in my mind and I am eternally grateful for everything that they all have done for me.
~My fur babies!  They are just so incredibly sweet and cuddly.  We adopted one from a shelter and rescued the other from the streets of San Francisco and I swear to you that they are the best cats ever.  Sure they can be a little naughty from time to time but in the end I am so thankful to be their mama!

Now for the post!  I hope that some of you find this Gift Guide/Wishlist helpful when shopping this holiday season for your loved ones. …


Hellloooo everyone!  I am so sorry that I have been so MIA...I have been struggling with my thoughts on life and where I am gonna be in the future & then last week I got 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted from my mouth. ):  It has been a full week today & I am S T I L L recovering.  So over it.  I have been eating only liquids and soft soft foods for the last week & let me tell you that I probably won't be able to look at soup the same for a while.  HAHA.  But really though, all I want is to be able to eat sushi, a huge sandwich, chips, vegan chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and pizza...**send help**
On other news...I now have the Iphone X & I honestly love it.  At first I was 'mmmmm I'm not sure about this' but now that I have been using it for like a week, I realllly like it. (:

This is honestly my f a v o r i t e time of year...nothing new...and one of my favorite things to do is write out these gift guides/wishlists!  This one th…