Hellloooo everyone!  I am so sorry that I have been so MIA...I have been struggling with my thoughts on life and where I am gonna be in the future & then last week I got 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted from my mouth. ):  It has been a full week today & I am S T I L L recovering.  So over it.  I have been eating only liquids and soft soft foods for the last week & let me tell you that I probably won't be able to look at soup the same for a while.  HAHA.  But really though, all I want is to be able to eat sushi, a huge sandwich, chips, vegan chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and pizza...**send help**
On other news...I now have the Iphone X & I honestly love it.  At first I was 'mmmmm I'm not sure about this' but now that I have been using it for like a week, I realllly like it. (:

This is honestly my f a v o r i t e time of year...nothing new...and one of my favorite things to do is write out these gift guides/wishlists!  This one th…


Heeeellllooooo!  So October is pretty much over...which means C H R I S T M A S is almost here!  AGH!  Can you tell I am excited?!  LOL I am just so ready for the holidays and the cold.  It is so grossly hot here in California...I honestly hate it.  I hate the heat when it is supposed to be cold.  You feel me? Any way!  Let's get onto the reviews (:

First up is my Ipsy bag!  I think this little red lacey bag is cute!  My favorite part is the 'bat' shaped zipper. (: The first product that came in my bag was the 'Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in the shade Perversion'.  Wow this eyeliner!  It glides on like butter when you use the tiniest amount of pressure.  It's c r a z y.  I like finding good eyeliners for my water line that wont budge.  So A+ for this one!
The next product was the 'Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Oil Treatment'.  This smells like summer.  So coconutty LOL but really nice.  I feel as though if you use toooo …


Hey guys!  Here is part two of my 'Fall Lust List'.  Enjoy!
First up is this cute western bag from 'Forever21'.
Ok the colors in this scarf are just...I DIE!  From 'Forever21'.
I love these olive green slip ons from 'Anthropologie'.
I love the look of the sunnies.  So simple and with just a subtle tint.  They are from 'Urban Outfitters' and come in many different colors.
This poncho from 'H&M' is calling to me!

I LOVE this little pom pom buret hat from 'Anthropologie'!
I love beanies.  Especially when there is a pom pom on the top.  Too bad it never really gets THAT cold here in SoCal...but I still think I would get this powder pink one from 'H&M'.
This are velvet earrings!  They are so beautiful and perfect for a holiday party.  From 'Zara'.
Here's another hat for  I just love this style hat!  This one is from 'Anthropologie'.
Ok seriously with these earrings from 'H&M'…