Wednesday, March 22, 2017


(These 3 shots above are in Petaluma)

We went to SF this past weekend and spent just a few days reminiscing our old fave spots and hanging out with friends.
I think 'Palace of the Fine Arts' HAS to be one of my fave places in SF.  It has so much beauty and history and I could honestly just take picture after picture and stare at it all day every day.

I have been feeling very down lately and a little I thought why not take breaks every now and again and just drive somewhere cool or travel somewhere different.  I like the idea of this because it keeps me on my toes.  I always have something new to look forward to.
I have also been using my 'Happy Planner' a lot which keeps me focused and organized and it's a really nice breath of fresh air when my life is a little crazy because I can just sit down with all my stickers, pens and washi tape and just C R E A T E!
Do you have a Happy Planner?


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Today I am sharing my March IPSY bag with you guys!
And can I just say how crazy it is that it's M A R C H?!  Wild.  Absolutely wild.

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this bag.  The bag design is very dainty and pretty.  I love the texture of the bag and the over flap and I mean the color too with that rose gold zipper. (;

The first product that I got was the 'Marc Anthony Deep Repair Aloe Vera Jasmine Conditioning Treatment'.  I loveee this.  It says on the bottle to only use about once a week, kind of like a hair mask, but I want to use it more!  You apply it to your hair after you have shampooed and let it sit for about 3-7 minutes and then rinse.  I am OBSESSED with the scent.  It is so fresh and floral and reminds me of what Spring and Summer smell like.  It made my hair feel super soft as no frizz or fluffies.  Amazing.  I love it.

The next product that I got was the 'Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow' in the shade 'Marisa'.  This packaging is very interesting first off...the top clear plastic part like slides off to the side and on the bottom there are two magnets?  I am assuming that you can make your own palette?  Not sure but regardless this shade is stunning!  I am really feeling the deeper pinks and mauves right now.  I feel like those shades compliment my green eyes sooo well.  The pigment is unreal so be sure to use a light hand when using a brush!

The next product that was sent to me was the 'Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint' in the shade 'Rosé'.  This.  This is incredible to say the least.  The shade name is perfect for me and even the actual color!  I am sure that most of you reading this already know that I am obsessed with lipsticks and liquid when I found out that I was getting this I about flipped!  There is no color transfer which is the best part.  Long and comfortable wear.

The next thing that I got in my bag was the 'Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush'.  This brush is so cute.  I am excited to add it to my collection because the mint green with rose gold is too cute.  I have sooo many blending brushes and I thought it was funny that IPSY was sending me another one.  But I guess one can never have too many right?  This brush is super soft and the handle feels very durable which pleases me.

The last product that came in my bag was the 'First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer'.  I love this brand but have yet to try most of their stuff!  This moisturizer feels good on my skin and I will continue to try it out in the mornings.  I personally prefer something that is a little more hydrating for night time.  I love too that it doesn't feel like it would irritating.

There was one more product that came in my bag which I actually used some of my IPSY points to redeem this product!  It is the 'Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer' in 'Mood Light'.  This feels soooo nice on my skin and I love how nice my makeup looks over top of it!  Hourglass is an amazing brand in my opinion so I am super happy to have this.

Overall I love this months bag!
What did you get?


Monday, March 13, 2017


I randomly had the weekend off this past weekend and we thought, you know what, let's go camping.  We checked some sites all around us and they were all booked.  (I think because the weather is incredible down here right now.)  So I thought, what about Joshua Tree?  We haven't ever been there and thought that we would just go check it out!

Once we got there we went straight for the visitor center to get a site...well that was booked too.  And in that moment we decided to check out a couple other sites near by.  Turns out there is the huge amount land that is F R E E camping!  Although that bathrooms...and no water we went for it!

I honestly think that free camping is the most fun.  We were pretty much surrounded by nature.  No people and not much noise.  It was soooo nice to get away for a little and just forget about your day to day life.

We hiked around and shot a lot of photos around town and stuff.  Some of our favorite travel companions are Anthony and Allie (Ty's cousin & his GF).

Where do you like to camp?