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Hey everyone!  I hope your'e having an amazing week so far!
Today I am sharing my September Ipsy bag with you!

So the very first thing I got in my bag was the 'Be A Bombshell Cosmetics nail polish' in the shade 'Holy Fuchsia'.  I loveee this shade for fall.  It's like a bright maroon.  I already like this brand and I had no idea that they had nail polish!  Very excited to wear this.
The next thing I was given was the 'Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme' lip plumper.  I will be honest...I have not tried this on my lips yet.  Lip plumpers usually freak me out so I am not sure if I will actually wear it.  I swatched some on my hand and didn't feel anything?  So I'm just not sure about it.
The next product I got was the 'Naked Cosmetics Naked advanced aloe cream'.  (I cannot seem to find the aloe cream online but I linked another one.) This feels really nice on my skin.  I am not sure if it's for my face or body....but it feels s…


Hey guys!  I hope you are all having a nice week. (:
Today I am sharing some photos from last weekend where Tyler, his cousin & girlfriend and myself all took a short trip camping basically in our own backyard.  (not literally though)
We stayed in So Cal and basically camped on this cliff that was looking over the ocean.  Sooo beautiful.
Vegan camping dinner.  Love it.
It was so windy trying to keep his candles lit!  And this was the only shot I got of the cake.  LOL

Such cute little trailers...makes me want to get one.

Breakfast and coffee!!

He sure was a happy guy in his new hammock that I got for his birthday.


Hey guys!  The weekend is almost here.  YAY!  Today is Tyler's birthday and were headed to the San Diego area to camp for a night with some friends/family. So excited to get away for a short while.
Today I thought I would share with you some of my absolute favorite TV shows that I have watched and highly recommend.  Of course I love anything horror and crime and suspense so if that's not your style, you probably wouldn't like any of these.  LOL.
Let's jump right into all the shows that I have watched and loveedddd.

And there you have it.  Looking for a new suspense thriller crime show to watch?  Any of these would be a great option!  Andddd they are ALL on Netflix!  So I suggest you grab some snacks, maybe a drink and plop yourself on the couch or in your bed and binge watch because allll of these shows are totally worth it!
Any shows that I have not listed that you recommend for me?
xoxox C