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Annnnndddd we meet again (:  How is everyone?!  I hope that the new year is treating you well so far and that we are all living up to those resolutions!  I know I am!  Well, trying at least.  I have been eating fairly well and have been saying NO to any temptations that I have towards sweets and junk and I have also been keeping up with my workout plan too!  If you are reading this and are not sure what workout plan I am talking about, go read my previous post!  This plan is only 6 days a week...which I KNOW sounds like a lot, but on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you follow a 28 minute workout.  That's it.  And then on Tuesday and Thursday you can choose to go for a 45 minute walk or bike ride and then Saturday is a relaxing stretch day and Sunday is a rest day!  It really has not been that difficult to fit into my schedule and I already feel really good about it.  (:
Now let's get into this recipe!
First things first your ingredients:  ~1 medium potato ~a small bit of chop…


Hello again everyone!!!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and are ready for this new year!  I wanted this post to be me sharing my new year holiday and what my resolutions will be come this 2015.  First, let's get into some fun photos from my holiday!

Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures from New Years, but basically Tyler's family was visiting for about 5 days.  On actual New Years Eve, Tyler's band, Deerthrone, had a show!  And it was awesome!  I then of course got home and fell asleep at about 10:30 but woke up before midnight to celebrate (: .

On New Years day, my family came to visit!!!  It was my dad and my two sisters!  Here are some pictures from their visit.