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Long time no speak guys!!!  How have you all been?!  GOOD I hope! :D
Soooo who has never heard of IPSY before?  Well I am going to assume that none of you have...A friend of mine actually told me about it and I was instantly hooked.  IPSY is this amazing little brand where you send them $10 a month plus no shipping fee and they send you a small little bag/makeup bag filled with a handful of products to try!   When you sign up, you have to answer this "Beauty Quiz."  And let me tell you...I had so much fun taking the quiz. LOL.  You answer questions like, "What color are your eyes, hair, skin etc."  AND THEN!!!!  You get to choose which brands you want to try (based on the ones they offer of course) and what style of products, for example: hair care, skin care, makeup & tools.  (I cannot remember all of them...sorry!) But basically I just got my first bag and I was so excited to open it because what they send you is obviously worth waaay more that $10 so it'…


Good evening special friends!!! :D I hope everyone is excited for the weekend and had a great week.  Mine was a little wonky...but I am glad it is the weekend.
I had two awesome weekends in a row and I just wanted to share with you! The first weekend was a quick trip to Monterey with Tyler.  We went because there was a bike tour? show? competition? I don't know what it was called. lol.  But it was so fun!  We ended up camping in the back of our truck because there was no open camp sites.  oops.  We watched some of the competitions and took our bikes around to look at some of the tents that were selling cool bike stuff!
We had a Japanese dinner the night we got there.
Tyler blowing up our mattress for us to sleep in the back of the truck which turned out to be soooo fun and adventurous!
Our morning view.  Lol
The bike convention was freeeezing in the morning.

The back of this car on display had backpacks from Tyler's work.  He said that he was the one who shipped them!  So coo…