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Hiiii everyone! We just got back from our mini vaca & to be honest....I wish I was still there (:  Orange County is SO beautiful this time of year! While we were down, my family and friends threw me a little celebratory party/gathering because I got my Esthetics license!  So so sweet of them.  And then Easter Sunday we were at Tyler's grandmothers home which is stunning!

My mom bought these products for me as a gift and let me tell you.  Soap & Glory does it right!  These products are so me because the scent profile is so dessert!  OMG so yummy and they make my skin feel incredible.  And the packaging..I mean let's be real here. :D  higggghly recommend these.  (You can get them at Ulta!)
My mom, Emma (my little sister) and I all stopped at this bakery called French's Bakery and we bought some yummy treats but I just thought this case was too cute!
When I saw this bagel on instagram, I knew that I had to try it when I was down.  It's called the …


Hey guys!  If you are currently reading this, I am in Orange County!! WOOOO!  So so excited to back home for a bit.  Ty and I are going to just spend some time with family and to enjoy Easter in the lovely So Cal.
In today's post, if you couldn't already tell by the title, I am sharing with you all what I got in my March IPSY bag! I love this bag because it screams SPRING to me and makes me very very happy.

I think the color inspirations for the actual bag itself are just gorgeous.  Not gonna lie, they had three different colors and I would have wanted the full mint green one cause that's my favorite color, but regardless orange and mint are perfect as well. (:

The first item I got was the Marc Anthony Blow Dry Cream.  I am not to sure I will use this product because I don't own a hair dryer....although it smells amaazzzzing.
The next item I actually ordered with my points!  It's so cool that when you review products and 'glam bags' on the IPSY site, you e…


Hi everyone!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I am so excited for this week because Ty and I are making our way down to So Cal for a little getaway trip and to celebrate some birthdays!  I will definitely be sure to snap some photos & maybe even vlog?  Not sure though.  Lol.
In today's post I am sharing with you some new beauty & skincare products that I have picked up that I am lovvvvving at the moment.
I am always always always wanting to try new skincare products.  I don't know what it is, but any time I hear a friend, family member or a favorite blogger or youtuber say how much they love a certain product, I just feel the need to go out and try it myself!  I think too since now I have my esthetics license, I just want to know about anything and everything out there.
I bought the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water  which I have heard so so much about and had been trying to get my hands on it for so long.  FINALLY!  I found it at walgreens and snatched it up! I…


Hiiii everyone!  I hope you all had an incredible weekend.  I just feel that they go tooooo fast.  Not ok... In today's post, I will be sharing everything that is in my bag and if you are a crazy addictive youtube watcher like me, then head over to my BRAND NEW channel to check out my very first video where I actually talk about everything that is in my bag. I have been contemplating for years now about making a channel and I thought, nooo I will just stick with my blog, but I had a few friends and family members tell me to just give it a shot and see if I like it.  Turns out, I had so much filming this!  I was home alone and basically was like why the heck not?!  And I made this channel purely just for fun.  I love blogging and thought, why not do both?  If it goes somewhere...great!  If not...oh well.  Like I said, this is just for fun. I know that I have a lot of kinks to work out with my filming skills, so bare with me, but I hope you guys enjoy and subscribe to see more!