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Today I will be sharing my February IPSY bag with you guys!
First of all, I was very sad to see how bland that bag design was.  I felt that it could have been waaaaay cuter.  Like with patches or pins on it or something.  I mean it is February...where's the hearts and pink and red and glitter? Anyway...let's jump into the products.
The first thing I got was the 'Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer'.  I have to say that I am very disappointed in the packaging and the size.  The actual product seems ok...I like the creamy consistency that it has and the fact that it's not too cakey looking on the skin.  The actual packaging is plastic.  It reminds me of what you would get your sandwich meat in at the grocery store.  And it is soooo small.  Like it's meant for a doll!  I might use this on my brows or something.
Next I got the 'Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub'.  I loveee this brand so much.  Their products always feel rea…


I wanted to share some little gift ideas for that special someone...these are things that I know I would love to receive! The first set of products are all from LUSH.  They have THE cutest products around Valentine's day.  I feel like anyone would love really anything from LUSH.  Here I have a couple bubble bars, bath bombs, a massage bar and a knot wrap.
The next set of products could be for that someone who likes fragrances, jewelry and makeup.  I absolutely love what Too Faced Cosmetics have to offer and Urban Outfitters actually has some beautiful fragrances.  I feel as though simple, elegant jewelry can always be a nice gesture too.  Alex and Ani and Kate Spade are some of my faves.
I hope that this may have helped some of you.  Anyone have any special plans for VDay?!
xoxox C