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It's official!!!  I have graduated beauty school! :D  Soooo happy but now I have to wait to take my big test in order to get my actual license.  So todays post is 5 of my top skincare tips that I wanted to share with you guys!  I hope you enjoy! (:
1. DRINK WATER!  This is a big one.  Drinking water helps flush everything out and keeps your skin looking refreshed and hydrated.  I know we all like to have our soda and coffee which is fine on OCCASION but not every day.  If we leave out water and replace it with coffee and soda, our skin becomes dull and you will see and feel it.  Sometimes I realize that I go a day without drinking water.  That's SO bad!  Heres what I want you to do: take your weight, divide it by two, then divide that number by two.  That is how many eight ounce glasses of water you SHOULD be drinking every single day.  Mine comes out to about nine, eight ounce glasses.  That's a lot...and I know for a fact that I don't drink this much.  OOps.
2. EAT …


Hi guys!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is Sunday.  (:  Finally some time to relax.  PS!  I finish school on Friday at 5!!!!! OMFG!!  So so exciting!
Anyways...I am here to show you my January Ipsy bag!

First of all, I feel as though this bag is so fitting for me.  It's very sixties feeling with a hint of Andy Warhol.
In the bag we first have a Skone smudger brush.  I absolutely love getting brushes in my bags because they are always a must have.  No matter how many you have (:
Next is the Hanalei sugar lip scrub.  Unfortunately I could not find a site of where to buy this, so I apologize.  I usually like sugar lip scrubs....but when they are not edible, I don't like them.  Which this one isn't.  Bummed.
Next up is the Pixi by Petra in the shade Lavender Bloom.  I love any purpley shades because my eyes are hazel and I think it looks really nice on me.
Then I got the Balm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner pencil in the shade Scott B. Bordeaux.  I am obsessed w…


So I was lucky enough to have been sent the brand new Too Faced Cosmetics Spring collection by a dear friend of mine.  I wish in the near future that I could potentially work for this company because I absolutely adore everything about it.

These shades are just incredible.  This photo definitely does not do them justice!  You have more sparkly ones and then non sparkly.

The melteds....ohmygod.  I no joke love every color.

The brushes are suuuuuper soft and the blushes and highlights have so much pigment to them!
Basically what I love about the spring collection is that you have your neutrals but they also threw in the fun bright corals and pinks and then even some deep purples!
I have been wearing a good majority of these products every day and I cannot complain.  This company knows what they are doing and they are doing a darn good job.  
Go check out there website and try some of their new products!  If you do, let me know in the comments which product is your favorite!


Hi everyone!!!  Sorry this post is a little late....but I have literally had zero time to do anything!!!  BUT good news is that I should be done with school in the next couple weeks!  OMG.  I literally cannot believe it.  I have learned so much the past six months and have grown into a stronger and more confident person when it comes to skin care.  I will be sad to leave my new friends but know that we will stay close no matter what (: lets get into the photos!

These were all from Christmas Day.  It was literally perfect.  It was just us and we made cinnamon rolls from scratch and went for a ride and then made an incredible dinner!  Oh and cuddled the cats of course.  Very pleased with everything that I got for Christmas too!
Ty and I drove down to OC to visit with family and friends for New Years.  Our first stop was at the Too Faced Cosmetics headquarters to get a tour and to visit our good friend.  PS: totally obsessed with that place.  We then met up with my dad and …