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CHEERS! It's a new year!  I cannot actually believe's 2018...
I am sad that Christmas is over but there are a lot of good things planned for the new year.  YAY!

Some of my 2017 highlights are...

~Getting engaged to the love of my life

~Committing to being a full time esthetician

~Road tripping to Oregon with my man

~Turning 25 years old

~Taking a snowboarding lesson with my sister

~Taking a spontaneous trip to Joshua Tree to camp in the middle of nowhere with Ty and our friends

~Getting my wisdom teeth removed

~Saying goodbye to our beloved family puppy Buddy

~Watching my (soon to be) brother in law graduate college

~Selling vintage stuff at the flea market with my mom and her fiancé

~My dad getting married

~Purchasing a r e a l Christmas tree for the first time with Ty

Annnnnd there is so much in between that was amazing too but I can't list it all!

And my resolutions are...

1. Food schedule.  I really want to eat at specific times everyday.  I did this while I wa…