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Hey everyone!  If you are reading this, we are probably on our way to So Cal (or we are already there)!  We are here for like a week for a little vacay and for something special which I will share in a later post. (;
As I am sure that some of you know from reading some of my earlier posts, Tyler and I really only get one full day a week to spend with each other which are Sunday's and that's why they are my favorite days. This last Sunday we decided to have a day full of fun LOL.  We went out for coffee and our faveeeee spot, Andytown, stopped at a cute little playground/park with a skate park and then went to De Young museum for the 'Oscar De La Renta' exhibit!  It was a marvelous day if I do say so myself.
My fave things to get at Andytown have to be the 'Snowy Plover' and their 'Fruit Corn Muffins'.  OMG absolutely delicious.  If you are ever in SF you must go here.  One of my really good friends is the head barista there and we are always treated so…