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Hey guys!!  How's everyone's week?!  I'm settling into my new job...well it's not really new. I'm still at Lush for the time being but it's at a new location. 
Today's post is all about these incredible Ole Henriksen skincare products that I was sent by Influenster to test and review! 

I was lucky enough to get allll of these products which I actually ended up LOVING!  I was sent the Truth Serum, the Sheer Transformation moisturizer, the Complexion facial sponges and the Power Bright three step treatment. These products are known for the glow that they give to the skin. And I can honestly say that it does just that!  My skin looks so refreshed and dewy after using these. I don't see too much glow though once I have put on my makeup for the day but regardless...these are incredible.  I think my favorites are the facial sponges (which probably sounds strange) because they feel so nice on my skin when using them to rinse off a cleanser  or the three step tr…


Hey guys!  Hope you're all having an awesome start to the week. In today's post I am sharing my July Ipsy bag!  Do you guys still like reading these?  I am not sure if I should bother with them anymore....let me know because I know I like to see what others got ????

First of all, I absolutely ADORE this months bag.  I mean it's like a metallic color with cute little umbrellas all over it!  Screams summer and I think it could be one of the best ones I have gotten yet!
The first product is the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer.  I actually already have this and I love it.  It feels so incredibly hydrating on the skin and smells of coconut!  It isn't too heavy but I do usually give it a minute to soak in before I apply my foundation.  I have noticed that this primer works really well when using a Too Faced foundation but when using other foundations, not so much.  I mean maybe I just need to find a good foundation that will stay in place...
The next product I receiv…


Just coming on to share some recent sunny pictures from So Cal!

Beauuuutiful Capo new home!  (:  I hope everyone, where ever you are, is having a lovely day!
xoxox C


Hey guys! I finallyyyy feel like I am settled into this new house.  I am sorry I have not been on in a while!  It has been crazy here just unpacking and getting things organized and looking for work!
I just wanted to come on here to say that we are HAPPY in SOCAL! (: It has been so nice just hanging around outside in the sun, going to the pool and beach, having little bonfires, bbqing, hanging with family and old friends and just changing our lifestyle.
I absolutely ADORE our place.  It is so cozy and beachy and I love it.  I might share some photos at another time...or show bit by bit.  You can always check my snapchat (charlotterudd) and my instagram (charlotterudd) for updates too!
Right as we were moving in, it was also my that was a little crazy to try to relax and enjoy because of the craziness going on!  I am going to share just some little photos on our last couple days in SF and a few from our first couple days in OC.
We just HAD to stop at Andytown, our favor…