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Helllloooo again!  Today I will be sharing with you my December Ipsy bag!

The first product that I received was the Marc Anthony deep nourishing conditioning treatment for the hair.  This stuff smells so yummy.  Just like summer and makes my hair feel super soft.
The next product I got was the Maragret Dabbs London nail file.  You know it's so funny that I got this in my bag, because I literally have used up all of the nail files that I have and I really needed a new one and this one is made of crystal?  So beautiful.
The next thing in my bag was the Pacifica Power of Love lipstick.  I loveee this because it goes on super smooth and the color is a major staple.
Next is the Elizabeth Mott Thank me later eye shadow primer.  You know, I never really use eye shadow primers.  I think I will now because this gives almost no fall out and it really packs on the shadow and locks it in.
The last thing I got in my bag was the Peony Cosmetics Eye shadow trio.  I love getting eye shadows.  An…


Hi everyone!!!!!  ONLY 4 MORE DAYSSSSS OMG!!! As you can see, I am not excited for Christmas at all. (: This post is one of my all time favorite sugar cookie recipes and they are literally so delicious.  I am eating one while I type.  LOL
I love that when they bake, they don't spread and the icing is so simple yet so yummy.
Let's get started!
You will need: ~1 cup of butter softened ~1 cup of white sugar ~1 teaspoon vanilla extract ~1/4 teaspoon almond extract ~1 egg ~2 teaspoons baking powder ~3 cups of flour + more for when you roll out the dough ~powdered sugar ~milk
(This recipe yields approximately 30 cookies-that's how many I made-but feel free to double if need be!)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and line two-three baking sheets with parchment paper.

In a bowl or in your mixer, mix your sugar and butter together.

Then add in your egg and extracts.

In a separate bowl, sift your flour and baking powder together.

Slowly add your dry to your wet and mix until it look…


Hi guys!!!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine sure went by toooo fast.  I am sad that it's monday today.  :/ BUT I have a fun post for today!  I will be sharing my "Japanese style hot cake" (pancake) recipe that I made a little festive and also sharing what Tyler and I did yesterday!
First, I want to start with the recipe!  So let's get into what ingredients you will need....
~2 large eggs ~3/4 cup + 1 1/2 tbsp almond milk ~1 tsp vanilla extract ~1 2/3 cup flour ~1 3/4 tsp baking powder  ~3 tbsp + 1 tsp sugar ~Canola spray (if you need) ~red food coloring ~green food coloring

These for the toppings.  (: 
First you will want to combine your wet ingredients in a bowl and your dry ingredients in a separate bowl.  Then combine the two with a wooden spoon and let the batter sit for around 15 minutes to thicken.

After the batter has thickened, you will want to separate the batter in half and then add your food coloring!

Then the only thing to do is to heat a skill…


Hello guys!  Hope all is well with everyone!  Unfortunately I am super sick and have to stay home to rest.  Blehhh. This post is a short little list of things that are on my personal list/things that I would want but could also be potential gift ideas for your lovers, friends, family members etc. Let's get into it!
First thing is this gorgeous copper coffee french press from Starbucks.  I am a huge coffee person and am obsessed with all things copper/rose gold.
Next is this cosmetic bag from Sephora.  I mean how cute is this?!  And it's pretty big too.  So it will hold a lot of product.
Next is the Charlotte Tilbury mini lipstick charm set from Nordstrom.  I lovvveeee Charlotte Tilbury and have never tried any of her products.  They all just look so beautiful!  I am a little biased though because we have the same name and it's rose gold packaging.  I mean who knew.  LOL
Next is this beautifuuuul Kate Spade wallet in rose gold glitter of course.
Next is this glorious palet…