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I just have to say how depressed I am that Christmas is officially over ),: .  But it's ok because New Years is coming and then it's a fresh start for all of us!!!
Christmas was absolutely amazing.  Tyler and I spent it at home together with the kitties and had a blast.  Christmas eve though I had to work pretty much all day and it was awful cause I wanted to do was cuddle and watch movies.  Christmas night we actually invited our good friend Albert to come over and enjoy a home cooked meal that could have honestly fed 8 people. LOL.  I am so proud though of how it all ended up, Ty and I performed an amazing meal.  Here are photos to prove it!!!

We made a delicious pot roast, with dinner rolls (which Albert brought), a side of greens (brussel sprouts & green beans) and my grandma's amazing "Rudd" potatoes. 

For dessert, Tyler made an amazing healthy banana bread (which is his moms recipe) with dark chocolate and a ginger bread with vanilla frosting.

In the m…


Hello everyone!!!  Christmas is literally around the corner.  Literally.   Today I decided to show you guys my take on a simple holiday party makeup look.  So let's get into it!

First things first, start with a fresh clean face!

Next step  foundation and I am using a BB cream from Olay with my ELF foundation brush.  I actually really like this one.

Next I went ahead and used my two "cover-ups", the one on the left I use for any spots or redness and the one on the right I use under my eyes.

Next, I apply my face!  I like to use my matte powder all over my face and then my pressed powder under my eyes and in my T-zone to really set the foundation.  I love wearing bronzer and a bright blush in the winter because it looks like you were just out in the cold.  (:  I also use this random brow pencil. LOL.

The next part is my favorite...the eyes!!!  I used two eyeliners from ELF.  One black and one gold glitter.  I did my black cat eye line and then I applied the gold glitter r…


Hey guys!!  Hope December is treating you well. (:  I have decided to put up another cookie recipe for you since it is the holidays and if you wanted to make a fancier cookie for that one party that you are going to or for a gift for someone, these will definitely be a hit.  This recipe is vegan but you most definitely do not have to make them vegan.  The choice is yours!!!  Tyler and I are trying to watch what we eat, but do not feel like cutting out sweets, so we are taking the sweets that we like and are turning them into healthier versions. (:
DISCLAIMER: I did NOT come up with this recipe.  I found it online and just changed a couple things for myself.
This is honestly an awesome recipe and is totally easy.  The things that you will need are:
~1 & 1/2 sticks of butter (vegan or non will do) ~1/2 cup of lightly packed brown sugar ~1 teaspoon vanilla extract ~1 & 1/2 cups flour (vegan or non will do) ~1 teaspoon baking soda ~Salt for sprinkling (sea salt is best, but if yo…


CHRIIIISTMAS TIMEEEE IS HEREEEE!!!!!  Maybe you don't know, but December is my absolute favorite month!!  I am just beyond excited for Christmas day!! 
Over Thanksgiving break I went down to my hometown Orange County and I spent it with my family.  It was a quick little trip but it ended up being really fun and filled with lots of yummy food!! 
Here are some photos to share of Thanksgiving and my small little getaway! 

The best mexican food on the planet.  I always look forward to the mexican food in OC.
The first night, my mom, my sisters and I all put on a fun face mask that I brought from my work.
My cute little pup, Buddy, who I miss everyday.
My moms gorgeous tree!  I thought this pic looked cool blurry...
The naked turkey!!!
A lovely setting.
Some sides...
And more sides...
And the finished table!
My plate!  TBH, I ate it all.
Ok, for those of you who looooove cheesecake, you have honestly not had cheesecake until you've had my moms homemade cheesecake.  Literally …