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I have had a lot of fun coming up with all of my autumn favorites and I would love to share them with you guys!!! 

Firstly, I love scarves. Any and all scarves. But I think my favorite type would have to be big chunky ones as well as infinity ones. 

Next thing I love is sweaters.  I'm a sucker for oversized so the bigger the better!  I honestly think my favorite sweaters that I have are all vintage and men's and from garage sales. (;  (This is not my photo, or my sweater, but this is the style I am talking about.)

Another thing I've been loving this fall is berry lip tones. Anything that's a dark deep red or purple I think look awesome with a natural eye or even an eye with brown & gold glitters. 

One of my favorite things that really gets me excited for fall and winter are candles. For those of you who don't know me very well, I'm OBSESSED with candles. Right now my favorite scents are cinnamons and apple and spice and even some sweeter creams. 

Boots!!! …


Hey guys!!!  I started my new job, LUSH, this weekend and it was filled with lots of moving, unpacking, training and cleaning.  If you did not already know, my location was doing a remodel and it is finally time to reopen!  Here are some before and after shots!

I was also given some amazing NEW holiday products to try!  Can't wait! :D
Here (starting from the left) we have "butter bear" who is a bath bomb, to the right of that we have "holly golightly" which is a bubble bar and next we have "dashing santa" who is a bath bomb.  The top row (starting from the left) is "the Christmas hedgehog" which is a bubble bar, we then have "drummers drumming" which is also a bubble bar and lastly we have "snow angel" which is a bath bomb.
Here we have four soaps (starting from the left); first one is "yog nog", below that we have "baked alaska", above that there is "reindeer rock", and next to that we have…