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Hey guys!  Here is part two of my 'Fall Lust List'.  Enjoy!
First up is this cute western bag from 'Forever21'.
Ok the colors in this scarf are just...I DIE!  From 'Forever21'.
I love these olive green slip ons from 'Anthropologie'.
I love the look of the sunnies.  So simple and with just a subtle tint.  They are from 'Urban Outfitters' and come in many different colors.
This poncho from 'H&M' is calling to me!

I LOVE this little pom pom buret hat from 'Anthropologie'!
I love beanies.  Especially when there is a pom pom on the top.  Too bad it never really gets THAT cold here in SoCal...but I still think I would get this powder pink one from 'H&M'.
This are velvet earrings!  They are so beautiful and perfect for a holiday party.  From 'Zara'.
Here's another hat for  I just love this style hat!  This one is from 'Anthropologie'.
Ok seriously with these earrings from 'H&M'…


Today I wanted to share with you some things that I am currently lusting over at the start of the Fall season...
I know that this doesn't scream fall...but it's absolutely adorable and looks so cozy.  I love pink lately.  Like love it.  And roses I am naturally drawn to as well.  This is from 'Miss Selfridge'.
This dress looks so timeless and beautiful to me.  I loveee the lacey detailed bit on the sleeves and its velvet.  I mean come on.  This dress also comes in a deep blue.  When I first saw this, I immediately though of holiday parties and it got me feeling so excited!  This dress is from 'Zara'.
If this cardigan doesn't scream autumn, I don't know what will!  This mustard color is just to die for and it also comes in a creamy pinkish grey too which I love.  This oversized cardi is from 'Urban Outfitters'.
Again with the mustard.  And I love the off the shoulder trend as well as the bell sleeves!  I am loving this top from 'Forever 21&#…


The September Ipsy bag was great!  The bag design is simple yet sassy.  I love black already and the fact that this has small studs over it made me really happy. (:
The first item I got was the 'Skin Food Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam' which I have used a few times and love!  It smells...amazing.  I was not expecting it to but it did!  It's so fresh and floral.  When it comes out of the bottle, it's a creamy smooth consistency, but when you add water to it, it becomes more frothy and foamy.  I love this cleanser because it is super gentle on my skin and feels like it's really giving it a good clean without feeling too dry and squeaky.  If that makes any
The next product I got was the 'Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Medium Angled Brush'.  This brush is really pretty!  If I could have all my brushes look like this I would.  The bristles are super soft and feel really nice on the lids.
The next item that came in my bag was the 'Adesse New York…


Hey guys!  Today is a little bit of a different post...but lately I have been SO into reading.  Like so into it to the point where when I finish a novel, I immediately pick up another one to start.  It's really fun to read different genres and to find authors or styles that I really enjoy.
Here are my current reads!

This book is such an inspirational read.  I loved it because at the time that I read it, I was feeling very discouraged and down about myself.  This book is definitely more of a self-help book.  Highly recommend because BrenĂ© Brown is a great speaker/writer.
OMG this book.  Ok first of all I honestly bought this book because of the and also the fact that it is about Zelda Fitzgerald so I had to have it.  It was such an emotional rollercoaster that was written with such detail.  I honestly felt like I was right there inside the book watching it.
I bought this book in Oregon!  One of my favorite bloggers recommending this story.  It focuses on a young girl w…