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Hiiii everyoneee!!!  Hope you all had a beautiful week and are as stoked as me that the weekend is here!  I have another recipe here for you that is so easy and seriously, DELICIOUS!!!

Here is what you will need!! For the pesto:
~Two good sized handfuls of arugula (may have to add one first...blend...and then add the second) ~1 avocado ~4-5 cloves of garlic (depending on how much garlic you want...I looovvve garlic (: ) ~1/2 of a lemon (for the juice) ~1 teaspoon of salt ~2 tablespoons of olive oil ~A small splash of water to help loosen up the pesto
For the flatbread:
~Naan bread from Trader Joes (literally addicted to this stuff) ~An egg ~Toasted pine nuts ~Vegan mozzarella cheese ~Sun dried tomatos ~Pepper ~Paprika

So first thing is first, we need to make preheat our oven to 400 degrees F.  And now for the pesto!!!  You will need a food processor for this just FYI.  And you honestly will just put all of the pesto ingredients into the processor and blend.  THAT IS IT!  lol.  Like I…


Hi again!!!!  I am very excited today to be sharing with you some adorable things that I recently picked up at TARGET!!!  One of my favorite places that is verrrry dangerous to go into.  LOL  (I'm sure we all know that).
So we all know that Spring is here and Easter is around the corner!!!  So I just had to pick up some sweet little Easter/pastel decorations for my house.
These pants are some of my favorites and I featured them in my last post!  And that Ariel shirt?  How could I resist?!  Those little eggs up at the top....are lights!!!  They were $3 and the tulip socks were $1!  I am candle hoarder.  This one smells just like a field of spring flowers.  I love it.  And I have been on the hunt for Zoella's book & I finally got my hands on a copy!  WOOO!

I ended up picking up some sweet little blank cards that were $1.  Those two bunnies are ADORABLE!  I only found those two and just had to have them.  The blue one is a bit messed up and each one was originally $3, but th…


Hey friends!!!  Hope your weekend was great and the start to your week is fabulous.  Today's post is some fashion/styling photos and all about just what I was up to over the weekend.

This is Off the Grid food festival in SF.  If you are ever in town, you have to go.  It's a huge space that is all food trucks and as far as I know, it happens every friday!!!  Soooo cool because there is literally every type of food.  Can be a little overwhelming, but it's super fun.
Tyler and I ended up sharing some fish tacos!!!  YUM!!
So, there was this tea truck...that sold their tea in glass mason jars...what?!  How awesome.  This is a thai iced tea which is my NEW FAVE!

We then stopped for some vegan ice cream.  I got vanilla bean and vietnamese iced coffee topped with cheesecake bites and a giant slab of cookie dough.  Wow.
Where Off the Grid is located is one of my favorite places in SF (also where I work).  The Marina. <3
We also got some of our favorite donuts from Johnny's …


Hi everyone!!!  I hope you are all having a great start to the week!  Do you ever feel like all you want to do after you workout is eat something really healthy or drink something really fresh?!  Well, I know I do.  (: After I do my Kayla Itsines BBWG workouts, (which I have talked about in a previous post) I like to have a really fresh, fruity and healthy smoothie!  There are countless recipes out there but heres mine!
You will need: ~Chia seeds ~Agave nectar ~Almond milk ~Grapefruit juice ~Frozen strawberries ~Frozen raspberries ~Frozen pineapple ~1 whole banana ~1/2 of a lemon (the juice)
And that's it!  Honestly, you can add whatever you want or switch things out.  Personalize it to what you like!  Sometimes I just look at what fruits I have and anything else that I could add and voila!  Blend it all together and you have a smoothie LOL.  I do like to add spinach and yogurt at times, but for this recipe, I did not have either.  (: 

This is my trusty blender for the time being…


Heeelllooooo everybody!!!  It's March!  OMG!  Like really?  Well,,,that means that spring is on its way & I could not be more excited.  I do recommend that everyone head into a LUSH because our stuff is too adorable and smells soooo freaking delicious.  Todays post is going to consist of our new products and just some little things that I have been up to lately (:
I mean how freaking adorable right?!
The Pot o' Gold smells like toffee and is amazing basically.  The two giant eggs smell like grapefruit and vanilla...need I say more?  And the orange soap at the bottom is called Carrot soap and literally smells like sweet carrots.  I know that sounds odd, but it seriously makes me scream it smells so good.
The soap at the top left is called Somewhere over the Rainbow and its sparkly and fruity.  The little bunny is called Hoppity Poppity and smells a bit on the "earthy" side of lavender and violet.  The little guy next to him is supposed to be a little caterpillar …