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Happy Halloween everyone!!!  I cannot believe that October is over...we are THAT much closer to Christmas!!!!!!  So for todays post I wanted to share some photos that I have taken in the past few weeks and I did an October challenge.  The challenge was to try and watch at least one horror film a day for the whole month of October.  I have to say, horror films are my absolute favorite.  Any film, good or bad, I will watch it.  So I am going to write down what movie I watched each day and honestly, I am surprised by how good I did.  Unfortunately I did miss a couple days but oh well.  (:  Let's get into it!! 
I will start with my challenge:
October 1st: SAW 2 & SAW 5 October 2nd: ATM October 3rd: Disturbia October 4th: Carrie (the newest version) October 5th: DIE October 6th: Truth or Die & The Adams Family October 7th: The Ward October 8th: Cabin Fever & The Hills Have Eyes October 9th: The Strangers October 10th: (I was out of town) October 11th: (I was out of town) O…


Hey guys!!  Halloween is approaching very quickly and if any of you are having trouble figuring out what to is a quick tutorial that might help!  I was inspired by the Black Swan movie but this look can easily be really anything!  A witch, a vampire or even a cat.
First off, here are all the products that I am using in this tutorial.
Moisturizer is very important.
Here I have a Revlon lipstick and an ELF lip pencil.
There are a lot of eye shadow palettes shown here and I did not use all of them.  I was just wanting some silvers, greys and blacks.
I have a Too Faced palette here as well as a sample of their primer.  To the left is an ELF palette with some standard eye lashes in the back and then in the front is the Voluminous magna mascara.
The small black eye shadow pot is from Forever 21 and to the right of that is the Too Faced lava gloss eye liner pencil with an ELF liquid liner behind that.  Below is a Revlon palette.
For the face I have here (starting from the top left…


You know Autumn is here when you go to the store and there is pumpkin everything everywhere you turn.  It was so funny that the other day I went to Target and Trader Joe's and the word "pumpkin" just stood out to me and I was giggling because I would say aloud,"oh look pumpkin pancake mix" and "oh look pumpkin pasta."  The next time I go to those two shops, I literally want to buy everything pumpkin and then post photos of what I got.
I did a bit of decorating in my house...not much but it is a start.  Here are a few shots of things that are getting me excited for my favorite time of year!  Enjoy!
Have to say that I cannot wait to make cookies with those little chips!  The harvest blend tea....AMAZING & it is by far my favorite tea for fall so get it while you can because TJ's only has it for this time of year.  The body butter is fantastic too.  I have the normal coconut scent but then they came out with pumpkin?!  How could I resist???