Hello again everyone!!!  I hope you all had an amazing holiday season and are ready for this new year!  I wanted this post to be me sharing my new year holiday and what my resolutions will be come this 2015.  First, let's get into some fun photos from my holiday!

Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures from New Years, but basically Tyler's family was visiting for about 5 days.  On actual New Years Eve, Tyler's band, Deerthrone, had a show!  And it was awesome!  I then of course got home and fell asleep at about 10:30 but woke up before midnight to celebrate (: .

On New Years day, my family came to visit!!!  It was my dad and my two sisters!  Here are some pictures from their visit.

It was sooo lovely having them here.  I miss them so much and hate to be so far from them. ):

Now, onto my resolutions for the new year...I know that everyone out there says that they are going to stick to their resolutions and be healthy and yaddah yaddah and never do.  But I seriously and honestly want to stick to mine.  I want this year to be positive and great and I want to be smart and stable.

1.)  Eating healthy.  I don't want to cut out the things I like eating, I just want to watch my portions and eat healthier foods.
2.) Watch my spending & save.  Basically, be smart.  I want to save for bigger and better things this year.  I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck.
3.) Exercise often.  My sister, Emma, just bought a workout guide called Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Guide which I am going to follow and complete!
4.) Find the positives and think, happy!  Stop dwelling on the past and think ahead to a brighter and better future!  No more negativity & stress.  Start doing more things that make me happy.
And 5.) Start my youtube channel.  I have been thinking about this for a while now...I watch so many youtubers and they all look like they enjoy it so much.  I absolutely love having & writing a blog that  I feel like I should try the youtube thing out!  I am just waiting for the moment where I can just go for it and stop saying that I will do it and just do it!  Would any of you watch my channel if I made one?

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and will talk with you all very soon!!!

Good night!


  1. Omg please start you tube vlogging!! I would so watch! Reading your blog helps me
    Feel happy when I get sad from missing you... You on YouTube would just be exponentially better!


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