CHRIIIISTMAS TIMEEEE IS HEREEEE!!!!!  Maybe you don't know, but December is my absolute favorite month!!  I am just beyond excited for Christmas day!! 

Over Thanksgiving break I went down to my hometown Orange County and I spent it with my family.  It was a quick little trip but it ended up being really fun and filled with lots of yummy food!! 

Here are some photos to share of Thanksgiving and my small little getaway! 

The best mexican food on the planet.  I always look forward to the mexican food in OC.

The first night, my mom, my sisters and I all put on a fun face mask that I brought from my work.

My cute little pup, Buddy, who I miss everyday.

My moms gorgeous tree!  I thought this pic looked cool blurry...

The naked turkey!!!

A lovely setting.


Some sides...

And more sides...

And the finished table!

My plate!  TBH, I ate it all.

Ok, for those of you who looooove cheesecake, you have honestly not had cheesecake until you've had my moms homemade cheesecake.  Literally perfection.  We ate this whole thing in like 3 days.  Whoops.

My cutie little Mama in the back.

My favorites. <3

Breakfast burritos and guava juice.  Yes please.

Cannot go to Orange County without stopping at Chick fil A.  Just can't.

Dad took my sister and I to an awesome movie theatre to see Mocking Jay Part 1 which was INSANE!

One of my addictions.

The theatre had reclining seats... What!?

Got to help decorate my moms tree. (:  Reminds me of childhood.

Holiday cookies were a must.

Had a Lox bagel which is one of my favorite things to eat.

I also wanted to share how I decorated this year for the way, I go ALL out for Christmas.

My little helpers.

He likes to hangout with me while I chill and watch Youtube videos.

My, please ignore that black spot on the wall.  It's from a candle. LOL

I made this with my mom!  All vintage jewelry pieces. 

I made this one too!

And this one!

My mom got me this. (:

How cute are these?! Could not pass them up!  TJMAX for like $7 each.  Steal!

My vintage treeeeee (: Makes me so happy.  I wish I could show you every ornament because I have some really cool ones.

My tree and mantle.  My fireplace might just be my favorite part of the house.

My mom made that little house!  How adorable right!?  And I wish my snowmen lights worked. ):  They for some reason don't.

Can't really be Christmas without the films.  We watched the Santa Clause the other night.  Such a classic!

Now some things I sort of forgot to photograph like all my christmas candles and I have a couple smaller things in the kitchen and a really cute santa rug in my bathroom.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  I cannot wait to share more with you! 

What is your favorite thing about the holidays??

Talk to you soon!!


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