I have had a lot of fun coming up with all of my autumn favorites and I would love to share them with you guys!!! 

Firstly, I love scarves. Any and all scarves. But I think my favorite type would have to be big chunky ones as well as infinity ones. 

Next thing I love is sweaters.  I'm a sucker for oversized so the bigger the better!  I honestly think my favorite sweaters that I have are all vintage and men's and from garage sales. (; 
(This is not my photo, or my sweater, but this is the style I am talking about.)

Another thing I've been loving this fall is berry lip tones. Anything that's a dark deep red or purple I think look awesome with a natural eye or even an eye with brown & gold glitters. 

One of my favorite things that really gets me excited for fall and winter are candles. For those of you who don't know me very well, I'm OBSESSED with candles. Right now my favorite scents are cinnamons and apple and spice and even some sweeter creams. 

Boots!!!  Who doesn't love boots?!  I am loving knee high and mid calf boots right now. And another favorite to go with those is socks!  How cute do knee high socks look peeking out of your knee high boots?
(This is not me, or my boots...I am just obsessed with this look and these boots!  Currently putting them on my Christmas list.)

Another thing I have been loving this autumn, well really every autumn for that matter are the classic autumn colors. Maroon, navy, forest green, mustard, grey and Browns. 

One of my favorite things to do in this time of year are take baths. Lots and lots of baths. And with those baths, I like to put on a fresh face mask from lush. Doesn't really matter which one, it's just nice to pop one on and then sit in the warm bath with an amazing bath bomb or bubble bar. 
(This is not my photo, or my is actually my DREAM tub!)

In a previous blogpost, I raved about the pumpkin body butter from trader joes and I'm gonna rave about it again in this post. ITS AMAZING! 
(This is not my photo, but I do have this and I am in love!)

This favorite is music!!  I have been obsessing over Ariana Grandes new album!  If you have no listened yet, go now!!!!!! 

Lastly, some favorites are food!! One of my favorite snacks this time of year is popcorn. And I actually have a little popcorn machine!  I love buying kernels at the store and then making my own flavors. You can make sweet or savory popcorn! My last favorite is chai. I love love love chai. Iced chai from Starbucks is my favorite thing to drink this time of year. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about all my autumn favorites!! What are your favorite things this time of year? 



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