Hellllloooo beautiful friends!
I hope you all had the most incredible holiday vacation.  I am soooo sad that it's all over ):  Not gonna lie.
I wrote a post like this a year ago and it's basically just me explaining/describing my new year resolutions to you guys.

1.) Stay organized...I know so many people say this as a resolution, but I want to be more on top of keeping my life organized.  I want to stay away from just throwing things around and not putting them back where they are supposed to go and keep all of my things clean and organized!  So simple.  lol

2.) Drink more water!  It's not that I don't drink water, I just feel that I don't drink enough of it!  I think that not drinking enough water makes me get headaches and makes my skin turn to crap!

3.) Smile more & worry less.  I have gotten a lot better at doing this but I still feel like I need to do more of it.  I always find myself worrying about silly little things and stressing over school and work stuff.

4.)  Give more.  I absolutely love giving to others.  Friends, family, Tyler.  I want to give little things every now and then, just to show them I care, how much I love them and just to let them know I am thinking of them.

5.) Treat myself to something nice every month.  I feel as though sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for things or don't ever treat ourselves to something even when we treat others to a lot.  I also feel that I work really hard and yes I have bills and things to pay for, but I thoroughly believe that you only live once and you should make it a good one!  You deserve nice things and you have the right to buy yourself that shirt you have been eyeing or that slice of cake because why not.  (:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what some of your resolutions are!  Stay tuned for my next post of all my holiday photos!



  1. So glad we got to ring in the New Year with you, Tyler and the Pennas! Love you!

    My resolutions: Like you, get organized! I even got a book for Christmas to help me along 😉. Also, get back into my walking routine and get healthier. AND... get things done...especially the online business. Pretty excited about all of it!

    1. awww mom. Love you so much. Love those resolutions! They are so good for you!


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