Hiiii everyone!
We just got back from our mini vaca & to be honest....I wish I was still there (:  Orange County is SO beautiful this time of year!
While we were down, my family and friends threw me a little celebratory party/gathering because I got my Esthetics license!  So so sweet of them.  And then Easter Sunday we were at Tyler's grandmothers home which is stunning!

My mom bought these products for me as a gift and let me tell you.  Soap & Glory does it right!  These products are so me because the scent profile is so dessert!  OMG so yummy and they make my skin feel incredible.  And the packaging..I mean let's be real here. :D  higggghly recommend these.  (You can get them at Ulta!)

My mom, Emma (my little sister) and I all stopped at this bakery called French's Bakery and we bought some yummy treats but I just thought this case was too cute!

When I saw this bagel on instagram, I knew that I had to try it when I was down.  It's called the 'unicorn' bagel from Bagels & Brew.  

I love practicing braids on my friends and family.  This is my little sister Emma.  She has the longest most beautiful hair ever!

My absolute favoritessss. (Me, Emma, Lily)

Me and my gorgeous mommy!

How cute are these decorations?!  This was the day before Easter for my little celebration party (:


My little baby sister Lily. <3

Ty got me Adidas! :D He's so perfect.

My best friend Jordan came to the party too! 

My faaaaavorite course

Have you guys tried the face swap on snapchat?!  It's hilarious!!!!!

We were having waaaay too much fun playing games.

My cute little gran.  Love her!

How cute are these?!  I bought them from Krispy Kreme.

I got two Easter baskets this year.  The one on the left is from the Easter Bunny (: & the one on the right is from Ty filled with some of my favvvvorite things!

Got some coffee at one of our fave cafes in San Juan.

Gorgeous flowers everywhere!!!!

Our serious faces.  Lol.

My handsome :D

Hollyhocks!  Always remind me of my mom.

Tyler's Granmothers bathroom...I drooled a bit.

Her view! 

Our meal was soooo freaking good.  Honestly the only time I really ever eat any meat is around the holidays.  (because I know it's gonna be good.)

Her kitty cat!

How freaking cute!!

She's a princess.

Overall, I really enjoyed our quick vaca down.  I really wanted to just stay forever.  I really miss it down there.  I already want to go back now that I am sitting at home.  :(

ANYWAY!  I hope you guys enjoyed looking through some photos that I took!

How was your Easter?!



  1. Love this post! Such a great visit with you and everyone! Love you to pieces Charlotte!!! ❤️


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