Hello friends!  I hope all is well with each and every one of you!
Today I am sharing with you something super cool.  There is a site/app/company called 'Influenster' where if you sign up and take some little quizes and such, they will potentially send you a little box of products to review for them!
So...I went ahead and signed up and after a couple of weeks of taking some mini quizes, I was sent an adorable little box!
**DISCLAIMER**  I did not buy these products.  I was sent them all to test and review. (:

The first item in the Vox Box that was sent to me was the Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads.  These are perfect on the go, if you have kids or you simply just want none of the fuss from the liquid nail polish removers!  These make taking nail polish off soooo much easier and one cloth is enough to remove everything off of every finger and toe even!  I love these because sometimes you will have to suddenly go to an event or out with friends or on a date and don't have enough time to either paint your nails yourself or get them done and you would rather have none on at all and then you can whip one of these out and from there it's a piece of cake.  These retail from approximately $1.49-$3.99.

The next item I got was the Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bar in the flavor 'chocolate chip'.  I ate this even though there is some dairy in it.  Lol whoops!  (I don't really ever eat dairy) This bar was ok.  Not amazing but not disgusting either.  It reminded me of the brand 'Chewy'.  Do you remember those?  I used to eat them as a kid.  It was very simple and just kinda meh.  These retail for approximately 0.50c (for one) and $2.69 for a box.

Next I was given the Secret Outlast Xtend Invisible Solid deodorant.  I actually really like this deodorant.  Which I am very surprised because I only like wearing mens deodorants because they are the only ones that LAST on me.  I never have to reapply when I wear mens brands but this Secret one is actually quite nice!  I love the scent and so far, it has lasted me all day at work!  This retails for approximately $4.29.

The next item that I got is the SinfulColors Nail Polish in the shade 'VIP'.  Literally wearing this right now and I am obsessed.  It is more of a gel finish and has a great shiny finish.  I applied two coats and it dries really nicely.  This shade especially is perfect for spring and summer and I can't wait to wear it when I am tan!  We will see how it lasts through the week (: .  This retails for approximately $1.99-$2.99.

I was also sent the Not Your Mother's Plump For Joy thickening hair lifter.  This is a fun product!  Perfect before going out on the town or if you're simply looking for more lift and fullness in your hair.  The only down side to this for me is the scent.  It is very strong and reminds me of sweet blueberries or grapes.  Not sure if I will get used to that.  This product retails for approximately $3.00-$7.00.

Lastly, I was given the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil.  This is good on hair and skin.  Smells divine; very floral!  I applied this to my legs the other day after I shaved and my legs felt instantly so much softer and smelled so nice.  I also applied it to my hair before braided to add scent and shine.  I love this brand so much so I was very excited when I opened this!  This product retails for approximately $29.99-$45.00.

Thank you Influenster for sending me these goodies!  I thoroughly enjoyed them all!

Anyone on Influenster?



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