Hey guys!  I hope you are all as excited for the weekend as I am!  Although, I do have to work Friday and Saturday.  (:

Todays post is on my favorite kind of date night.  Tyler and I try to do date night as often as we can.  It really only happens when we both have a night or a full day off together which is not usually common.
We looooove to go out to eat.  Of course it can be expensive so that's why we only do it on occasion or when family is in town, etc.  There are a countless number of amazing eateries here in the Bay Area and we go back and forth between trying new restaurants and sticking with the ones that we know we already love.
I just have a few fun photos of some yummy places we have tried and loved and suggestions for when and if you are ever in the Bay Area!

The first place (which we very recently tried) is called Homeroom located in Oakland.  This place is  k i l l e r.  It's all freaking mac n cheese!  Now we heard a lot of hype about this place and also that the vegan man was supposed to be pretty good.  O.M.G.  I was in heaven eating this vegan mac n cheese.  Ty and I got the exact same thing; vegan mac with broccoli and breadcrumbs.  Literally heaven.  It was so filling and simply delicious!  If you loveee mac and cheese, you have GOT to try this place because they have so many different types and topping choices it's crazy.  They actually have two locations.  There is the actual restaurant where you sit down and order and then like a block down is the "togo" homeroom where you order it togo and then sit where ever (which is what we did and it was a lot quicker to get our food.)  The only downside was that it was a bit pricey.  Two could easily share a serving of the mac.

The next place is called Miki Restaurant which is located in The Outer Richmond in SF.  We have only been here once and I am dying to go back.  Miki is Japanese food which we already love and the fact that they have sushi, udon and ramen?!  I'M IN!  When we went, we were actually out with some friends and it's the most cozy place you will ever eat.  I ordered a vegetarian garlic ramen dish with a side of a salmon roll (yes I eat fish occasionally).  Oh man was it good.  The menu for the ramen is awesome.  You can choose what stock you want and there are so many toppings to choose from too!  So filling and delicious.  Highly recommend if you love Japanese food!  Pricing was very reasonable too.

If you are ever in SF over a weekend (and check before hand if it's going on) you must check out Off The Grid!  Omg I am obsessed with this because every time we go, it's different.  Basically, it's a beautiful area full with different food trucks!  I mean how fun right?!  There are soooo many options and it's free entry and most of the trucks take card which is perfect for some one who doesn't always carry cash on them...aka me. (:  We try to never eat at the same trucks which is so hard because when you find that one good spot, you just wanna eat there every single time!  Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of all the trucks we went to!  But I got some cajun Louisiana fries and this delicious teriyaki style chicken and veggie sandwich (yes I eat chicken on occasion).  I think Ty got some fish tacos which I did not photograph but for his dessert he got a freaking grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bananas and honey!  He lovvvved that.  See I am a donut girl and I have to always stop at the Johnny Doughnuts truck on the way out.  They allllways have such a long line.  Obviously, because it's so damn good!  I picked up a classic vanilla sprinkle, a maple (my absolute favorite) and a smores (which was kinda gross TBH).  And after leaving the food trucks, we decided to end our date sitting on a bench and staring at all the boats and the Golden Gate Bridge and we just chatted each others ear off.  Perfect if I do say so myself.

And last but not least, Cassava which is located in the Outer Richmond in SF.  This place has a special place in my heart because I remember going when it nearly first opened about 3-4 years ago!  Now it's a stunning restaurant with incredible staff and food and I am so glad to have been able to see it grow into what it is today.  The style of food and menu change quite often which I think is nice but there are a few things on that I miss from back in the day.  (:  Chris and Yuka are the owners and every time we go in to eat there wether it be brunch or dinner, we are treated like royalty.  We would honestly consider them friends because they are so easy to talk to and are just absolutely delightful to be around.  Chris is an outstanding chef.  I know anything that comes to my table will be good when he's in the kitchen.  And can we all just take a minute to admire the plating and color choices?!  I mean let's be real.  It's freaking exquisite!

I hope you guys liked this kind of post and happen to try one or all of these suggestions!  I absolutely love the food culture here.  There is so much diversity and I love finding those perfect "hole in the wall" type places.

Anyone live in SF or in the Bay Area with any recommendations for me?



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