Hey guys!
I finallyyyy feel like I am settled into this new house.  I am sorry I have not been on in a while!  It has been crazy here just unpacking and getting things organized and looking for work!

I just wanted to come on here to say that we are HAPPY in SOCAL! (:
It has been so nice just hanging around outside in the sun, going to the pool and beach, having little bonfires, bbqing, hanging with family and old friends and just changing our lifestyle.

I absolutely ADORE our place.  It is so cozy and beachy and I love it.  I might share some photos at another time...or show bit by bit.  You can always check my snapchat (charlotterudd) and my instagram (charlotterudd) for updates too!

Right as we were moving in, it was also my birthday....so that was a little crazy to try to relax and enjoy because of the craziness going on!  I am going to share just some little photos on our last couple days in SF and a few from our first couple days in OC.

We just HAD to stop at Andytown, our favorite cafe, before we moved.  And I have to say...I do really miss it. ):

Our very last night there, we went to Cassava with his parents and brother and our dear friend Albert.  We had the most incredible meal with delicious drinks!  It was such a treat.

Django sitting in one of my favorite spots in our old house.

Tyler's parents came up to SF to help us move.  We clearly have a lotttt of stuff.  And we even had to leave some of it behind!  I am honestly surprised that we fit as much as we did!

My little muffins did not like the car ride much.  To be honest, it was very sad for me to see them so uncomfortable for 7 hours.

My poor baby was soooooo frightened when we first got here.  Of course I was crying my eyes out for hours because I felt so awful for putting him through that.  He is MUCH better now.  Still a little skittish at times but so much happier.

Pool days with the fammm.

So good to be back with my faves.

On my birthday, Ty surprised me by taking me to brunch at a French bakery!  I was ONE happy gal let me tell yah.

And he bought me some of my all time favorite things in some of the best flavors!

My mom ended up making me my old time faveee cake that is just a CLASSIC!  Funfetti with funfetti icing (:

I got the sweetest little gifts from everyone. <3

Ty's mom made me a white chocolate cake (white choc. is my fave) with a rose buttercream....like what!?  I mean how beautiful is this?!  It looked so vintage and almost too pretty to eat!

I screenshotted this snapchat that my sister Emma took.

All in all, our whole little family is settling in quite well. (:

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update and I promise that I will be posting more soon!  So stay tuned! 

Hope everyone is having an awesome week.



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