You know Autumn is here when you go to the store and there is pumpkin everything everywhere you turn.  It was so funny that the other day I went to Target and Trader Joe's and the word "pumpkin" just stood out to me and I was giggling because I would say aloud,"oh look pumpkin pancake mix" and "oh look pumpkin pasta."  The next time I go to those two shops, I literally want to buy everything pumpkin and then post photos of what I got.

I did a bit of decorating in my house...not much but it is a start.  Here are a few shots of things that are getting me excited for my favorite time of year!  Enjoy!

Have to say that I cannot wait to make cookies with those little chips!  The harvest blend tea....AMAZING & it is by far my favorite tea for fall so get it while you can because TJ's only has it for this time of year.  The body butter is fantastic too.  I have the normal coconut scent but then they came out with pumpkin?!  How could I resist???

Nail essentials: maroons, purples, blues, greens, black & grey.

Why not throw some glitter into the mix?

I don't have many dark lips at the minute, which I will need to get, but I have some dark reds and pinks, a brown and a purple which I love and may do a tutorial with soon.

Sweaters!!!!!  YAY!  And if  you want to add some flare, just throw on a collared shirt underneath.

My mantle makes me so happy except on the left down at the bottom, I will be adding some big real pumpkins.  I cannot wait to light a fire!

The adorable burlapy garland is from target...$3!

These cute glittery black pumpkins are from target aswell...$1 each!

This skull bottle my mom got me last year from target and it is actually margarita mix but I like the way it looks so I am just gonna leave it (:

Candles are a must...duh

One of my favorite things to do is visit yummy cafes with Tyler or with good friends and have some good eats and good coffee.

A couple weekends ago, I drove up to Sebastopol which is about a little over an hour away from SF to visit Tyler and his big ol family at his grandfathers house/vineyard for a weekend of wine making.

Hope you guys are enjoying the start of Autumn as much as I am and pretty soon I will be posting a recipe tutorial and even a makeup tutorial so stay tuned!



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