Hey guys!!  Halloween is approaching very quickly and if any of you are having trouble figuring out what to be...here is a quick tutorial that might help!  I was inspired by the Black Swan movie but this look can easily be really anything!  A witch, a vampire or even a cat.

First off, here are all the products that I am using in this tutorial.

Moisturizer is very important.

Here I have a Revlon lipstick and an ELF lip pencil.

There are a lot of eye shadow palettes shown here and I did not use all of them.  I was just wanting some silvers, greys and blacks.

I have a Too Faced palette here as well as a sample of their primer.  To the left is an ELF palette with some standard eye lashes in the back and then in the front is the Voluminous magna mascara.

The small black eye shadow pot is from Forever 21 and to the right of that is the Too Faced lava gloss eye liner pencil with an ELF liquid liner behind that.  Below is a Revlon palette.

For the face I have here (starting from the top left) is the Maybelline age rewind under eye concealer with the Rimmel blemish concealer to the right.  I also use foundation (cannot remember the brand of this) and my favorite face powders are the Maybelline Dream Wonder and the Rimmel Stay Matte.  The bronzer that I used was from ELF and my eye brow pencil is Wet & Wild.

The first step is to have a freshly cleansed face with some moisturizer all over.  LOL

Second step is to put your face on.  I start by applying my foundation following both concealers.  After that, I apply my two powders, my bronzer and then do my eye brows.

Next step is to first apply a small amount of primer on your lid and then take a silver shadow (I used the silver color from the Too Faced palette) and apply all over your lid with a shadow brush.  Following that, I applied the white color from the Revlon palette on the inner corners of my eyes with my pinky.  I find it to go on better when I use my finger.

From there, you want to add your eye liners and a black shadow under your bottom lid (I used the black from the Revlon palette).  This part is a bit tricky because you want to match both eyes as perfect as you can.  I used the Too Faced Lava Gloss eye liner pencil for my water line (the inside of my lids) and the corner of my eyes.  Next I took a black shadow with a small shadow brush and lined the bottom of my lower lid and after I took a blending brush and rubbed that along that line.  Following this, I used my ELF liquid liner to create the "cat eye" look.

Now for the fun part!  I took the small black pot of black shadow from Forever 21 and an angled shadow brush and covered my lids.  Having the cat eye liner actually works really well as a guide.  You can make this look as dark as you want it.  GO CRAZY!  Halloween only comes once a year.  

The last step you want to do for your eyes are the lashes!!  I applied my fake lashes and then added my Voluminous mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.

(Ignore the red spot on my neck.  I scratched myself. LOL)

The last step of this look is to line your lips with a lip pencil and I used my ELF one.  Following that, apply the lipstick!  If you do not like that real shiny look, go ahead and lightly dab your lips with a tissue.

And there you go!!  It is that simple.  (:  I love this look with messy hair that is down and then I would just add some fangs and WHAM!  You are a sexy vampire.  I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you would like to see more.  



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