I am so thrilled to tell you guys that I recently got a new job at Lush cosmetics.  Not sure if you guys have heard of Lush but it is literally the most amazing shop ever.  The products are all so fantastic because they are organic and made with actual food items.  There are no chemicals!!  Another thing that is so great is that they are against animal testing and are all about giving back to the community.  If you have not been to a Lush location, I highly recommend that you find one near you.  I am so excited to be starting a new journey and look forward to trying all the products.  Today was my first day which was mainly just filling out paperwork.  The location that I will be working at is remodeling this month so starting November 1st, it will be a brand new store!!!  My shop manager is amazing and I cannot wait to dive into the lush world.  Below are a few photos of my first day and my outfit & makeup choices.  Hope you like them!!

This was my hair & makeup look.  Perfect for fall.  I love getting to wear darker more bold colors.  If you want to know which products I used, let me know in the comments below.

(First off, please ignore my messy room.)  This was my outfit choice: top-Brandy Melville, sweater-Amazon, leggings-American Apparel & boots-Charlotte Russe.  Working at Lush, you are required to wear all black; well and a little white too which I am totally ok with!

This area is called the Marina which is where my work is located.  It's always so beautiful there except there are soooo many steep steep hills!!  Let me tell yah, they are not fun to walk up and down.

I was given 6 "Halloweenish" products to try out and I am so thrilled.  I was given a slice of soap, three bath bombs and two bath melts.  After I actually try each one, I would be glad to do some reviews so that you can try them too!!

Hope everyone had a great day today and are enjoying the start of October.

Talk to you soon!!


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