Happy Halloween everyone!!!  I cannot believe that October is over...we are THAT much closer to Christmas!!!!!!  So for todays post I wanted to share some photos that I have taken in the past few weeks and I did an October challenge.  The challenge was to try and watch at least one horror film a day for the whole month of October.  I have to say, horror films are my absolute favorite.  Any film, good or bad, I will watch it.  So I am going to write down what movie I watched each day and honestly, I am surprised by how good I did.  Unfortunately I did miss a couple days but oh well.  (:  Let's get into it!! 

I will start with my challenge:

October 1st: SAW 2 & SAW 5
October 2nd: ATM
October 3rd: Disturbia
October 4th: Carrie (the newest version)
October 5th: DIE
October 6th: Truth or Die & The Adams Family
October 7th: The Ward
October 8th: Cabin Fever & The Hills Have Eyes
October 9th: The Strangers
October 10th: (I was out of town)
October 11th: (I was out of town)
October 12th: Sinister
October 13th: The Den
October 14th: The House at the End of the Street
October 15th: The Curse of Chucky (the newest version)
October 16th: SAW 6
October 17th: MAMA
October 18th: Paranormal Activity 4 & House of Wax
October 19th: Jennifer's Body
October 20th: Friday the 13th (the older version)
October 21st: Texas Chainsaw
October 22nd: When a Stranger Calls
October 23rd: Contracted
October 24th: The Human Centipede 2
October 25th: (I actually started a new show) The Knick
October 26th: HalloweenTown
October 27th: Mine Games
October 28th: Hocus Pocus
October 29th: (I didn't watch anything ): )
October 30th: The Woman in Black
October 31st: The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (And later we will be watching Halloween!)

This was a super fun challenge and I am wondering if I should do it for December too!! Are there even that many Christmas movies though? Hmmmmm something to think about (:

I had my very first LUSH meeting!

He is so curious of everything.

My handsome boy.

I mean what is there to say about this photo?

Django's favorite napping spot.  This is in our closet.

Anytime we leave, they both jump into the window and meow.  So cute.

Meet Oliver/Ollie our newest kitten & Django's little brother.  The craziest thing happened!!  One day, Django was sitting in his favorite window in our bedroom and was freaking out.  Usually he freaks when he sees birds so Tyler and I looked out the window to see this adorable little orange kitty running through our backyard chasing a butterfly.  Literally the cutest thing imaginable.  So Tyler decided to go downstairs and into the backyard just to say hi and be friendly...Oliver ran straight inside as soon as Tyler opened the door and was purring like crazy and snuggled him.  He was so so sweet and we were like, uhhhh what the heck do we do?  We gave him some food and water and it just didn't feel right to throw him back outside and say bye!  So we decided to take care of him for a bit until someone contacted us because we made signs and put them up all around the neighborhood and even called a shelter to inform them that we found a lost kitten.  Weeks went by and no word.  Well, we decided to keep him!!  We were really worried at first because we were unsure if him and Django would get along and if he had any diseases or anything.  Sure enough, he was all clean and him and Django love each other.  We are so happy to have him in our lives.  (:


Carving pumpkins!

Of course were going to make pumpkin seeds!

Watching and old classic, HalloweenTown, while we carve.

My mermaid!

Tyler's ghostly face.

On our front step.

Some festive delicious cookies!

I used my sparkly pumpkin in my bath this morning.

And while relaxing in the bath, I watched some Charlie Brown. 

I really hope we get some trick or treaters tonight...we usually don't get many on our street. ):
I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween & remember to be safe!!

Love you guys!


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