Hi guys!!!

Boy has it been a minute since I have come on?  I have been working and packing away...boringgg.  JK I am super excited!

Today I will be sharing with you my June Ipsy bag.

This month is interesting...I feel like I did not like as much in it and was not super excited to get it.  I really don't like design of the bag.  Just not my style.

The first product I got was the 'Seraphine botanicals Happy Hibiscus blush'.  I like this.  The packaging is nice but a lot smaller than I expected.  The color is really beautiful though.

The next product was the 'Hey Honey 24seven moisturizer'.  This stuff feels so nice on my skin.  I feel super hydrating but not in a greasy way.  The packaging is so cute and it smells almost like banana runts.  Remember those candies?!  HAHA I know, so specific.  But once you smell it, tell me I'm wrong!

Next I got the 'Urban Decay single eyeshadow in the shade Lounge'.  This is a very bold color.  But I think I could pull it off because my eyes are more green and this shade is a blueish greenish purpleish.  LOL.  I absolutely ADORE Urban Decay as a brand and was excited to see them in this months bag.

I then got the 'Formula X nail polish in the shade wingwoman'.  I love how little and cute these are!  I think this is the second one I have received in my bag and it's too adorable!  These formulas last a while on the nails which is always a plus for me!  Not too sure how I feel about this color only because I don't really wear this shade too often.

Lastly, I was given the 'Cake Beauty Delectable Everything Balm'.  This seems really promising.  It says on the packaging that it is basically a universal product that you can use for different things.  Knowing me, I will probably just end up using it for my lips.  I now think though that I will be buying a lot off of their website because of how awesome it all looks!  And let's be honest right now...their company name?!  OMG IM OBSESSED!

Overall I thought this bag was a 3 out of 5.  Not awful but not amazing.  I think the bag really got me though.  Just not feeling it at. all.  Bummed.

Regardless, Ipsy is amazing and I have no intention of leaving!

What did you get in this months bag?



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