Happy June!!!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend....I sure did!

Soooo I have some very exciting news (for those of you who don't know already)....TYLER & I ARE MOVING BACK TO SO CAL!  Some of you mayyy be thinking, why?  Well let me just tell you.  Tyler has lived her in San Francisco for the past like 6 years and I have for the past like 3.  He came up here for school and I moved up here simply to be with him.
We have come to a point in our relationship where we want to take the next step and live together, just the two of us. (:
We are so fortunate to already have the CUTEST little beachy home (thanks to his incredible parents) which is located right next door to them in Capistrano Beach.  I will be posting pics later when it looks all cute and finished.
We are moving back to our home town because we honestly miss our close friends and our families.  Doing this gives us the opportunity to save our money and to travel and to enjoy life in the sun!
We will definitely miss SF and all our favorite places to eat and get coffee and all our amazing friends up here but this isn't good bye!
We will be back in the OC next month!  And we are sooo excited for new beginnings and adventures.

Now for the fun part....PACKING!

Here are some things I am looking forward to!

One of my bestest friends, Meghan (& my other BFF, Jordan).

My baby sisters!  And my mother and grandmother too (:


These cute little guys belong to Tyler's parents and they will be our neighbors!

The beach!  If you look closely at this photo, you can see little baby shrimps swimming in the ocean!  There are soooo many different beaches in so cal and I cannot wait to explore them all!

This is looking out onto the front yard of Tyler's grandmothers home in Laguna Beach.  Absolutely stunning.

The food.  Let's be real here.  Mexican food in So Cal is heaven.  Honestly, I think mexican food is my favorite of allllll.

Gypsy Den's 'iced soy vanilla chai'.  OBSESSED.

Girlie dates which involve sweets.  Duh.

Pedros tacos!

Ughhhhhhh pastries.  Can't wait to find new bakeries cause we all know how croissants are one of my favorite foods.

New coffee places!  And let me tell yah...this one was delish.  'Iced almond milk vanilla latte'

New eateries!  I love trying new places and new food and I just can't wait to find little hole in the wall places while rekindling old friendships.

Of course I also look forward to:
~Garage saleing
~Watching my sister (Lily) compete with her song team
~Los Angeles (which is where my other sister Emma will be living & attending USC)
~Having tan skin! LOL
~Starting my career
~Blogging, vlogging & youtubeing in the OC!
~Going to the pool
~Getting back into dance
~Making new friends

Anyway!  I just really wanted to share that today.  I have been waiting a longggg time to be able to officially announce it. (:

Talk soon!



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