Helllloooo beautiful friends.  (:  I hope you all had the best weekend!  Today I wanted to talk about something that I have struggled to find for years and that is confidence.  Some of you out there may not have found it yet or are struggling with it...and that is ok!  Honestly, it is ok.  I gained complete confidence in myself my senior year of high school which was in 2010.  Ever since, I have felt great.  I mean of course every now and then I will have some issues, but overall I have complete confidence.  (:

I grew up as a competitive dancer and there was always a lot of pressure on me and was always surrounded by pretty tall, skinny and perfect girls/dancers.  I really have no idea what hit me in the face back then, but something did!  I started to not care what anyone thought of me because truth is, most people that I see on the street or at the store I will never see again and I am my own who gives a s**t!  LOL.  Once I did this, I started to dance better and I started winning 1st place at my competitions!  From then on, I gained a whole new mindset and I completely became a different/better person.  I started to do more for myself and what made me happy and feel good because that's all that matters!

Basically, what I am trying to say to all you guys out there is that we only get one life on this earth (some of you may argue that) and we need to live it the way that we want to.  Here are 5 ways that help me stay confident!:

1.) I listen to music that makes me happy and feel good and sexy and make me want to dance. (:

2.) If I want ice cream, I will go get ice cream and not care.

3.) I try new hairstyles and make up and decide what I like and what I think looks good on me.

4.) Every now and then I will take myself on a small shopping spree to spice up my wardrobe to make sure that I feel good in what I am wearing.

5.) And lastly, I choose to be happy and feel confident.  It's all in your mind.  If you don't feel good about the way you look, you won't look good!  I know for me when I went to dance class feeling gross and ugly, I did not dance well!

There are soooo many ways to find and gain confidence and those were just a couple ways that help me.  I know today I still struggle!  Especially with trying new things.  I recently got a new bike (that Ty built up for me) and I got REAL cycling pedals for the ones where you need specific clip in shoes to wear when riding.  I was absolutely terrified to try them but Ty told me that he had confidence in me and knew that I would be great.  I now love them!  Seriously love them so much and I just had to push through my nerves and worries and find confidence in my own self to go for it.  And boy am I glad I did.  Although I have fallen...haha OH WELL!  Life is about doing things you are scared to do and not pass up any opportunities to try something new because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I know this is a random post but I hope that it gives some of you inspiration and fills your heart with smiles.  (:

Have a great week everyone and remember to love yourself!



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