Hellllloooo beautiful people!!  I hope everyones Easter was amazing.  Unfortunately I did not get to spend mine with my family, but I got to spend it with Ty and some of his family and it was so perfect.

Todays post is just going to be me sharing some photos from Easter. (:  Enjoy!

Shoes are from Forever 21.  Loveee these btw.  Because 1. they are glittery and 2. they are rose gold....

EW!  I hateeee the way my ankles look.  

Sweater from Forever 21.

Had to go with rose gold accessories!

Full outfit!  (Sorry for my background.  LOL)  High waisted jeans and coat are from Forever 21 as well.

This was my hair for the day!  I absolutely love this hairstyle and it honestly takes less than 5 minutes to do.  It isss a braid, but more of a twisting braid...hard to explain.  If you want to watch a tutorial, check out Barefootblonde on youtube.  Her name is Amber and she has the coolest hair tutorials and she is just too cute.  Thanks for the inspiration Amber!

And her are just some of my favorite photos from that day.

We went up to Sebastopol (which is where Tyler's grandfather lives) for an Easter dinner and for some family fun.

We played a game called "Egg Bucking".  It was actually quite fun!  You basically pick your favorite egg (which are all hard boiled) and you have to pay $1 for it.  You then bet someone their dollar to try and "buck" (crack) their egg shell.  So you and the other person are holding your eggs and you decide who is going to "buck" (crack) the other person.  Whom ever has the cracked egg looses their dollar and they have to eat it.  LOL.

This is Buttons.  She is sooo sweet.

Tyler and his brother, Grady.

My handsome.  (:  (PS: if you're wondering who cut his hair...it was me!  HAHA I'm so proud of myself!)

Some entertainment

This is Buster.  Another cutie pie.

Snoopy girl watching her dad cook the meat.

Our meal!!!  Beef & Lamb with yogurt, pita bread, salad and rice!  Soooo good.  Every time we have a family gathering with Tyler's family, we always have Lebanese food.  I mean, I aint complaining!

Grady playing music (:

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Love you and talk to you soon!!



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