Hey friends!!!  Hope your weekend was great and the start to your week is fabulous.  Today's post is some fashion/styling photos and all about just what I was up to over the weekend.

This is Off the Grid food festival in SF.  If you are ever in town, you have to go.  It's a huge space that is all food trucks and as far as I know, it happens every friday!!!  Soooo cool because there is literally every type of food.  Can be a little overwhelming, but it's super fun.

Tyler and I ended up sharing some fish tacos!!!  YUM!!

So, there was this tea truck...that sold their tea in glass mason jars...what?!  How awesome.  This is a thai iced tea which is my NEW FAVE!

We then stopped for some vegan ice cream.  I got vanilla bean and vietnamese iced coffee topped with cheesecake bites and a giant slab of cookie dough.  Wow.

Where Off the Grid is located is one of my favorite places in SF (also where I work).  The Marina. <3

We also got some of our favorite donuts from Johnny's doughnuts truck.

Exxxcuse my hideous feet but I wore these jeggings from Uniqlo (which I'm loving at the moment) and these birkenstock knock offs.

I also wore this vintage sweater.  I absolutely love the colors.

And I then put my hair up into a messy braid.

(PS sorry that my "Style" photos are not that great of quality)

The next morning!!!  This was my donut...strawberry!  And coffee of course.

Next outfit!!!  I just bought these pants from Target ($19) which are literally the best pants ever made.  My look was a comfy casual slouchy look.  My shirt is Brandy Melville and my sweater is from Forever 21.

Purse is from Brandy Melville.

Shoes from Forever 21.

This was my makeup look!  A nice coral lip...perfect for spring.

Moon necklace from Brandy Melville and stone necklace....I found.  LOL

Nail color is Essie Teeny Bikini (?), bracelets are Alex and Ani, Urban Outfitter, Kate Spade & Cartier knock off.  Rings are Tiffany & Co and Forever 21.

Rings from a friend and Brandy Melville.

We ended up going to two birthday parties on Saturday and it was literally the most beautiful, hot day in San Francisco and it reminded me of home. (:

Sunday right to one of our go to vegan spots right at the beach.

I hope everyone else's weekend was filled with fun activities and can't wait to speak again soon!!!  I'm thinking of doing one-two posts a week?  Do you think I should have a specific day for when I post?  Let me know!



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