Hi again!!!!  I am very excited today to be sharing with you some adorable things that I recently picked up at TARGET!!!  One of my favorite places that is verrrry dangerous to go into.  LOL  (I'm sure we all know that).

So we all know that Spring is here and Easter is around the corner!!!  So I just had to pick up some sweet little Easter/pastel decorations for my house.

These pants are some of my favorites and I featured them in my last post!  And that Ariel shirt?  How could I resist?!  Those little eggs up at the top....are lights!!!  They were $3 and the tulip socks were $1!  I am candle hoarder.  This one smells just like a field of spring flowers.  I love it.  And I have been on the hunt for Zoella's book & I finally got my hands on a copy!  WOOO!

I ended up picking up some sweet little blank cards that were $1.  Those two bunnies are ADORABLE!  I only found those two and just had to have them.  The blue one is a bit messed up and each one was originally $3, but the nice Target lady gave him to me for $1.  Still unsure as to where I am going to put that cute little was only $3!

I am loving these dainty little pens at the minute.  Honestly, you can NEVER have enough pens in your life.  I saw this pastel pink candle lantern thing and knew it was mine.  AND it was the only one.  (:  It was meant to be.  And since you all know that I am obsessed with candles and also anything vintage....I FOUND A CANDLE WITH THE NAME VINTAGE LACE!  Like what?!  Omg and it smells ammmmmaaaazing.  I love it so much that I don't even want to burn it!  And the socks...I had to get some $1 spring/easter socks.  

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I actually really enjoy doing hauls!  If you have not been into a Target recently I suggest you go now!!!  Right now! LOL.

I also hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.  Tomorrow is Monday...the one day of the week that everyone dreads...but hey, lets at least make it a good one.  (:


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