Happy Summer everyone!!!  So sorry that I have not posted in a while...I have had a really busy start to the summer.  I just got back from two different week long vacations!  (which I will be sharing with you soon.)
Todays post will consist of my July ipsy bag!  I swear each month they get better!  Honestly, not sure how they will top this months...

This bag.  Seriously.  I am obsessED!

They sent out 5 amaaaazing products this month and I litereally love all 5.  

Firstly, is the Octavio La Playa sea salt spray for your hair.  This is obviously a necessity for everyone's summer bags!  Smells super yummy and I love spraying it in damp hair then doing a braid and after a few hours taking it out and whalah!!  Mermaid hair!

Next is the Gel Effect Aurora nail polish.  I literally just put this on in like 5 minutes with a clear top coat and I am loving the color.  Hopefully it lasts a while like gel should!  The color I got is called "4 alarm fire".

Next product is the Be A....Bombshell chaptick.  This is going to be a new staple for me because I wear lipstick every now and then but I feel like I am always wearing chapstick.  And this chapstick has a small tint of red.  So I am keeping my lips nice and moisturized with a pop of color.  I love it!  And the color I got is called "ruby".

The next item I received is the Vasanti BrightenUp! exfoliating cleanser.  This I am not sure makes my skin feel really nice and refreshed but it was a little uncomfortable to put on.  If you have sensitive skin, I would not recommend this.  It's a scratchy feeling but I like the way my skin feels afterwards.

And lastly!  The Tarte Bronzer.  I am a sucker for bronzer and usually always have to wearing some.  So I was super stoked to get this in the bag!  The color I got is called "Park ave Princess" and I love love love the way it looks on my skin.  A+!  And it's also the perfect small travel size!

So all in all, truly, an amazing bag this is.  Thank you again IPSY!!!!

Talk to you guys soon!  Look out for a big summer vacation/birthday post! :D



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