Hey everyone!  I hope you are all having an awesome week (:  We had a few BEAUTIFULLY hot days here in SF the last couple of days where Ty and I took advantage and went to the beach to soak up some rayssss.  And now the rain and cold is coming back. :|

Not too happy about that TBH.

Any way!  This post cheers me up because it is some new bits and pieces that I have picked up recently and have been lovvvving.  So let's jump into it!

A little while back I went out shopping with a couple friends and did a bit of retail therapy.  (:  My favorite!  We stopped at a few of my favorite shops; Brandy Melville, PaperSource, Davids Tea, Sephora & a little SF coffee shop called Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters.

In this photo (starting from the left) I purchased the CUTEST mug ever from Davids Tea which I can't seem to find on their website ):  To the right of that is the Quench Lip Rescue from Tarte in the shade 'nude' which I purchased from Sephora.  I love this!  It's like a glossyish lip balm with a very neutral tint.  Feels so good on my lips and the packaging I die for and I honestly need to collect them all!  Next to that I got the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask from Sephora.  I saw this, and wanted to try it because I love charcoal and I love Origins.  This mask makes my skin feel clean and tight!  A nice mask to use on occasion.  The journal next to that is from Paper Source.  And I mean, I just had to.  It is soooo me.  And I feel like being a blogger and being on Youtube, it's nice to have journals and notebooks around to jot things down and to carry with you in your bag!  You will notice that I purchased some washi tape.  It's a new obsession!  I have a Happy Planner and I loveeee to decorate it with different washi tape and stickers!  So I bought this succulent printed one and this trio of ice cream ones!  These Bando stickers are also from PS!  I love that there are pages and pages of cute stickers in here.  Last thing in this shot is this fuzzy keychain from Brandy Melville in like a deep greenish blue color!  Had to have it.

For a while now I have been wanting my own caps.  Sometimes I will wear Tyler's but they are just so masculine and big for my head LOL so I thought I would buy this adorable one from Brandy Melville.  Next to that is the tea that I bought to go with my new mug!  The flavor is 'Ice Cream Cake'.  I mean how could I not go for that?!  If you know me, you will know that I loveee anything that is like 'cake', 'cake batter', 'ice cream', 'cookie', etc. flavored.  LOL (:  Below that, I bought the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade 'Bow and Arrow' from Sephora and I am obsessssed.  The shade is like a warm nude.  Love love love it and I love her liquid lips.  If you haven't tried them yet, go. get. one.  And then I wanted to try the Chloe Roses perfume because I have heard a lot about it and rose is definitely one of my favorite fragrances ever.  I went with the roller ball to start because I still have so many perfumes!  Already a huge fan of this perfume and honestly, I might buy a large bottle because it's so feminine and beautiful.

Here are the last couple things!  I loveee the brand Compartes for chocolate.  If you haven't tried anything from them, I higgggghhhly recommend it.  They are so creative with their flavors and are based in LA and you can order online!  Simply Delish and the bars themselves are so beautiful!  I bought the flavor 'Cereal Bowl' from one of my favorite Coffee shops here in SF, Wrecking Ball.  The 'Legit' pin came from Paper Source and it's currently on my leather jacket with my other pins and it makes me very happy (: And lastly, the top I got from Brandy Melville.  I am loving this color right now and the fabric is soooo soft!  It is a nice simple piece to add to my wardrobe for spring and summer.

I am sorry if this post felt long!  I kind of ramble on with things I like. (:
Do you guys have any of these items?  Is there any products out there that you think I neeeed to try or buy?  Lol.  I am always looking for new products!
Check back next week for a post on my favorite new lipsticks!



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