Happy weekend everyone!!!  I have had the most stressful beginning of the week because I had my huge/very important State Board exam for my esthetics license.....but good news.....I PASSED IT!!!!  I am now officially a licensed esthetician and I could not be happier.
I am hoping in the near future to post more on my blog in regards to skin care in general and different products and reviews and such so stay tuned for that!

Before my big test, like the week before, Tyler and I decided that we wanted to get away for a bit for Valentines and to just go relax somewhere.  We thought that Mammoth area would be perfect.  We actually stayed with his Aunt at her beautiful home and a bunch of his family decided to come to.  It was an incredible trip of skiing, playing board games, cooking, catching up with his family and simply just relaxing.

I have some fun photos to share from the trip and I hope you enjoy! 

The drive in.

Me obsessing over these goggles that Ty let me borrow!

First night there, paella for dinner!

The next day was Valentines. (:

Some of the street.

Some of the family went Nordic Skiing while the others went back country snowboarding!

Two of Tyler's little cousins.  Too cute.


Here's some of the gang!

Together on Valentines.

At June Mountain.

My man! :D

The top of a slope.

It was sooo beautiful and actually really hot!

He was so cute filming us all on his new go pro!

We made some cute little friends.

The next day we went into Bishop to go to Schat's of course.  Seriously you guys....best bread on the planet.  Every time we are at his Aunt's house or near it, we have to stop at Schat's.  And they also serve delicious lunch!

Ty and some of his cousins were messing around on some bikes and built a dirt jump.

It had snowed during one of the nights and my goodness the next morning it was gorgeous!

His Aunt's pup.  Sola.  Can you spot her?

We decided to take some poles and go on a little snow hike!

This is over looking her neighborhood.

I feel like looking at this, that I am in Norway or something.  Definitely not California.

At the top.


How cool was the ice that was on our car the next morning?!  Crazy!

Once we were back, a couple friends came to visit for like a day and we decided to do a little touristy walk to Coit Tower!

Saw the most beautiful little thing on the way.


Some cute little homes that made me feel like I was in a different country!

For dinner we went to this new brewery/restuarant and I got a super yummy cider and the fish and chips.  DUH

They had this art for sale too...I mean come on.  That is literally me in a nutshell.

It was a beautiful day!

The tower! lol

I love the colors that come from the sunsets.  Just perfect.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my photos and reading about my new accomplishment.  I am hoping that more good things will come my way in the near future.  (:  I am sure they will.

I hope you all have an amazing and safe weekend and I will write soon!



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