MY HOLIDAY WISHLIST AND GIFT GUIDE!!!'s that time of year again!  And I could not be MORE excited!  This will be our first christmas "together" in SoCal which we are really happy about because that means that we are super close to our families.
This guide is my personal wishlist but also some great ideas for anyone out there that you need to  get a gift for and simply just need some ideas!
I also suggest making/creating an Amazon wishlist or a Wanelo account.  (I have a whole post on Wanelo from a while back if you don't know what that is.)

Ok well let's jump into it!

This is the 'instax mini 90' camera that you can purchase on Amazon.  This camera is really cool because obviously, the photos print immediately, but you can change your settings!  Like a double exposure!  I mean how cool for a polaroid!

This is the album 'Tween by Wye Oak' that you can buy off of Amazon.  I think vinyl is such a cool thing and when you play it out loud, it honestly sounds so much better in my opinion that on your laptop.

This is the 'Polaroid snap camera' that you can get on Amazon.  I like this because the pictures are a lot different than your normal polaroid pictures and you guys know me...I loveeee taking pictures.  I think it is such a fun way to make/keep memories.

This is the new 'The Radio Department album called Running out of Love'.  It's sooo good and this you can purchase off of amazon.  Isn't it amazing how much you can get off of amazon?

I am OBSESSED with this album.  'Nao-For all we Know' also on Amazon.

I think 'this dress' is so beautiful.  Its from Forever 21 and I love the velvet floral detailing.

This is another one of my favorite albums!  'Beach House-Depression Cherry' that you can get from Urban Outfitters.

Literally love this ring.  It's a 'Starburst ring from Nordstrom'.  It feels and looks so vintagey to me and I love that about it.  Something about sparkles too....I just love it!

I have been eyeinggg these 'Matisse boots from Nordstrom' for like months.  They are sooo beautiful yet very pricey.  But in my mind, you are paying for great quality that will last you.

I will be honest, there are times when I am without a phone charger when I really badly need one and this one is so stylish and cute and comes from 'Sonix'.  They also have the cutest phone cases so if you need to get someone a quick gift, they usually have the brand sonix everywhere!  (Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, etc.)

Yes.  I would love this 'Apple Watch 2'.  Another item I have been eyeing for a long time.  I feel that it's a staple piece that you wear almost every day and I love the fact that the new one is water resistant!  Perfect for me and my job.

A couple perfumes that I recommend.  Interesting because they are night and day different.  This 'Roses De Chloe' is so beautiful, floral, fresh, clean and feminine and is one of my absolute favorite scents which you can purchase from Sephora or Nordstrom. 

On the other hand, this 'Replica-By the Fireplace' scent is a dark, woodsy, smokey, ashy, tobacco and masculine fragrance.  But I love that!  Omg it smells amazing.  This one can be purchased at Sephora and the brand has tons of other incredible fragrances to choose from!

This is the 'Hourglass Ambient Lighting' palette.  This packaging though!  It is so up my alley and I seriously love Hourglass.  I use their Ambient Lighting powder literally every single day.

This beautiful 'Morphe eye shadow palette duo' would be perfect to get for that special someone who loves cosmetics or maybe even giving each one to someone different.

Look at these gorgeous makeup brushes by 'Bh Cosmetics from Urban Outfitters'.  I feel like you can never have enough brushes.  Morphe also has some amazing options.

I am loving this 'champagne rose pom pom blanket' from Urban Outfitters.  Anything to make me feel all cozy this winter season.  And this color is one of my absolute favorites!

I love anything black.  It just works for me.  Don't get me wrong, I love colors too!  Many colors...I just feel that every time I wear something that's not black, I spill something on it.  It's sooo annoying.  But I am living for this 'black velvet off the shoulder romper'!  It's like all my favorite things in one!  You can get this from 'Urban Outfitters'.

Bomber jackets are verrry in right now.  Literally.  I see them everywhere.  I really like this 'No Thanks rose' one from 'Forever 21'.  Anything with a rose...I just love it!  And I feel like this is just so sassy and cute.  LOL.

Lastly is this gorgeous 'set of skincare by Fresh' from Sephora.  I love Fresh.  They have wonderful products and so many options.  They are a little bit on the pricey side but they are very effective.

I hope this gift guide helps some of you who are struggling with what to get that certain someone. (:

What is on your list this year?



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