Hey guys!  This is part two of my Holiday wishlist/gift guide.  I always like ideas for stocking stuffers because for some reason, I find it very difficult to find things!

Here are some little things I have been eyeing that would make perfect stocking stuffers...

Sheet masks!  'These Tony Moly' masks are from Urban Outfitters and I want to say that they are 4 for $10...that's really good!

This goofy little card game called 'Who's Most Likely To...' also from Urban Outfitters.

This is 'bath soak powder'!  Urban Outfitters has a few different scents and I think makes a really cute little gift for a stocking.

'This' dainty little necklace from Urban Outfitters is so delicate and beautiful.

Pins!  I love this 'rose' pin from UO.  I have a leather jacket and a denim jacket that are filled with pins.  They are so fun to collect and there are soooo many out there!

Can't go wrong with some 'Quay' sunglasses.  These are so adorable and come from UO but are online only.

I can't with 'this pin'.  (:  From UO.

I thought this 'geode ornament' was gorgeous from UO.  Could also be used after the holidays as a normal decoration.

Socks I feel are always a good/easy idea for stockings.  'These lip socks' are so cute from UO.

The 'shell yeah' and 'hang loose' pins are from UO and are so me.

'Hair ties'!  These ones are beautiful and also make a great gift because this style of hair band is very in.

I love books.  Books make nice gifts because most people appreciate them!  Wether they are meant to sit down and read or to fill out.  'This' book from UO seems right up my alley and perfect for someone who needs a little pick me up.

Who doesn't love perfume?  I love 'this set' from UO because it means you don't have to commit to full sized bottles.  I have quite a bit of perfume and all the bottles are huge!  I like little sampler sets that way I get a little bit of different scents.

Candles are a MUST in my house.  And the fact that UO has this 'Macaron Rose' candle....kills me.  Because the perfume that they have in this scent is literally me in a bottle.

UO even has the same scent in a 'hand lotion'. (:

Charlotte Tilbury has these adorable little 'trio sets of lipstick' which again is perfect because you get to try a small size of different shades!

Sephora has 'this mask set' by Peter Thomas Roth which I would love because again, I love masks, and this is a sampler size of all their masks to try.  That way if you find one that you love, you can purchase the large one! 

Sonix kills it with their phone cases.  'This Christmas Tree' one and 'the Wild West' cases are some of my faves.  I am currently working on getting the new iphone 7+ and will be needing a new case!  They have all different prints and sizes so you can totally find one that fits who you're shopping for.

Of course things like little candies are always nice!  LOL

Again I really hope this helped you guys get some ideas!  Let me know if you ended up getting some of these!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving.



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