Hey guys!  So I have never done a post like before but I have been H O A R D I N G my empty products (and this isn't even all of them) to share my thoughts on!
I feel like this would have been better as a video...but my computer is an old grandpa and can't take large files any more.  So lame I know.  I am working on getting a new computer so that I can start filming again cause I miss it and genuinely want to do it.  I decided to sort out the products into categories to make it a little more organized.

But anyway...let's get started because there are a lot of products to talk about.


Pixi by Petra have this amazing 'Hydrating Milky Mist' that just smells and feels incredible.  I honestly want to spray it 24/7.  And to be honest, the packaging and name of the product sold me.  But it really does make my skin feel super hydrated and dewy.  (I bought this at Target)

As you all know, I work for LUSH cosmetics and yes...I may be a little biased to say this but their skin care line is just amazing.  Here's what I love...'Tea Tree Toner Water'; 'Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask'; 'The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask'; and oh so much more that I can share in a later post (:

Garnier has this incredible 'Skin Active Cleansing Miceller Water' that I loooove.  I love miceller waters because they are soo so easy to use and seriously take off all my makeup...always.  There are so many different kinds and brands of miceller waters out there that I would love to try.

I love face masks.  Fresh has this beautiful 'Rose Face Mask' that makes me skin feel so hydrated and soothed.  I love their products and their packaging too!  Everything just feels so luxurious.  Yes they are on the pricier side...but it is so worth it!

Glossier...oh Glossier.  I am so in love with this brand.  First of all, I love how simple everything is.  And they seem like such a fun group of people who genuinely care about good quality products.  I have a lot of their products but I think the 'Milky Jelly Cleanser' takes the crown for me.  It removes all my makeup and makes my skin feel so silky smooth.  The bottle is too cute and even comes with stickers if you want to decorate it!

The brand Deep Steep have this realllly good body scrub called the 'Brown Sugar Vanilla Argan Oil Sugar Scrub' and let me tell ya...it's amazing.  It smells super delicious and feels SO good on the skin.  I feel like the sugar is really getting all the dead skin off of the surface of my skin.

Lastly for skincare I have the 'Soap & Glory Smoothie Star body scrub'.  I have the oat and sugar one...which basically smells like a freaking sugar cookie and I am so down for that.  The actually scrub feels so nice.  And it leaves behind a nice layer of hydration.  If you like a real gritty texture, pick this one up!


Too Faced has an amaaaazing primer called 'Hangover Replenishing Face Primer' that has coconut water which really hydrates and brightens the skin.  I am so obsessed with it.  I want to wear it all the time.

I found that I love using loose powders.  Wether they are translucent or have a little pigment to them, I like to use them to 'bake'.  If you don't know what 'baking' means in makeup terms, it's basically a technique that drag queens started to ensure that their makeup will stay locked and loaded.  You simply take a damp makeup sponge, dip it into your loose powder and then apply under the eyes, on the chin, the forehead and then if you contour or use bronzer, you can apply powder underneath to create that 'chiseled' look.  You want to make sure that you are dabbing the powder on and not just swiping.  The powder should look like flour on your face and don't worry because after letting it sit for a minute, you will use a brush to blend it out. (:  If you are still confused, there are some awesome makeup tutorials on YouTube explaining and showing how to do it.  I really like this 'CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder' and I have been using the shade 'Translucent Fair'.  The only thing I would change about this product is the fragrance.  Definitely smells like your grandmas old makeup.

I have never used a color correcting concealer before and when I realized how much redness that I had on my face from breakouts, scarring, etc. I found that Sephora's 'Collection Bright Future Color Corrector' in the shade green has really helped neutralized the redness in my skin.  I put on a primer first and then the color correcting concealer before my foundation and regular concealer and I find that it has really helped!

I love my brows.  Absolutely love them.  I feel like I cannot leave the house unless they are done (:  I got the 'Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara' in an old 'Ipsy' bag and I immediately fell in love.  The brush is amazing and leaves little fibers behind on your brows so that they look fuller.  I also realized that this product is only $2.99 at 'Ulta'...$2.99 for an amazing brow gel?!  Yes please.


Lush Cosmetics has some amazing hair care products.  One of my absolutely favorite hair products is the 'American Cream Hair Conditioner'.  This product you guys...smells...SO GOOD!  It has strawberries and vanilla and straight up smells like a freaking milkshake.  I am so obsessed with the fragrance.  It lasts in your hair too!  The strawberries bring out a beautiful shine and the vanilla is super hydrating.  Basically your hair looks, smells and feels amazing.  My hair is pretty fine and straight and it's the perfect one for me.

I love using hair oils too.  Moroccan Oil has a 'Treatment Original Oil' that I got a little sample size in an old 'Ipsy' bag and I fell in LOVE!  A little of this product goes a really long way.  I just focus it on my ends after I get out of the shower with wet hair.  Another product that makes my hair feel silky smooth, leaves a beautiful shine and smells delicious.

M I S C.

I have been on the hunt for a good natural deodorant.  I always used to use mens deodorants because it would seriously last all day and I never smelled like BO or really sweat.  Besides, I love the men fragrances too. (:  So after the whole 'using aluminum in deodorants' thing came up everywhere, I was like 'ok I should probably start using more natural products on my skin'.  I have used a couple now and I still can't find THE ONE.  Tom's brand is always nice and I did like this 'Long Lasting Natural Deodorant' in the scent 'Honeysuckle Rose' because it was very fresh in scent and I am currently using the 'Wild Lavender' but the thing is it doesn't last all day and I have BO like a couple hours later.  So if any of you know of a really good natural deodorant that actually lasts please leave me a comment.

As far as perfume goes, 'Victorias Secret Love Spell Perfume' has been a favorite for years.  It was a scent that I wore in highschool and then forgot about and years later I fell in love again!  It's just such a fresh scent and brings back some nice memories.

Lastly is the 'Olivine Atelier Love + Roses Beauty Mist'.  I use this as a makeup setting spray.  It smells amazing and makes me skin feel dewy and bright.  I got two because I was that obsessed.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  I know it was a hefty one but I really put a lot of time and effort into it so if you are reading the end of this, thank you.  Thank you for reading all the way through. (:
One of my favorite things to do is write about things that I like (ESPECIALLY beauty products).

Let me know if you want a part two to this because....I may already have one lined up!



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