Hey guys!  I hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am!  Tyler and I are headed to Sebastopol with his family for wine making!!  So be expecting photos and a post later on that!  (:

Today I am sharing my loveee for my skincare routine.  Everything I use is from LUSH and I am sure you all know that I work of course all of my skincare, haircare, etc would come from there.  lol.  And also because it's amazing! :D

First step: Makeup Removal.  I use the 9-5 cleansing lotion to do this.  I love this stuff because it literally wipes my makeup off so easily and does not burn my eyes.  If I really wanted to, I could essentially use this as my cleanser too but I like the other one I am using.

Second step: Cleanse.  I am absolutely in love with the Herbalism face and body cleanser at the moment. It makes my skin feel really clean without feeling dry or matte. Feels nice and moist. Another thing I love about it is that it helps fight breakouts. And let's be honest, no one has perfect skin. 

Third step: Exfoliate. Depending on how my skin is feeling and if I take a shower or not, I will use the Ocean Salt face and body scrub to scrub off all the dead skin and cleanse. I typically only like to use this on occasion because it is pretty invigorating and I don't think I need that every day. There is also a self preserving formula for those who don't want any parabens!  Overall this scrub is amazing. Packed with sea salt, avocado, lime and vodka to leave your skin feeling clean, bright and soft. 

Fourth step: Mask.  About every other day I absolutely love to use the Cup O' Coffee face and body mask. Oh. My. Goodness. This mask has worked wonders on my skin. It is super brightening and softening on my skin which I lovvvvve. Straight up coffee grounds!

Fifth step: Tone. I go back and forth with toners that I use from Lush but currently I am using the Eau Roma Water toner water. I honestly can't go a day without my toner. I use it to spritz on my face to act as a nice refresher or spray a cotton pad to wipe off the excess dirt that's still on my skin even after cleansing! Ew. Soooo important to use this in the morning because your skin actually gets really dirty during the night. Kinda nasty I know. 

Sixth step: Moisturizer or serum. Right now I am love the Full of Grace serum. It comes in a solid form which means no parabens! It's key for everyone to moisturize their skin. I know some of you are probably thinking, "but I'm really oily. I don't want any added moisture" which is fine. But there are thin/light and quick absorbing moisturizers out there!  Because when your skin produces lots of oil, it might be lacking water and its important that we feed and hydrate our skin. 

Seventh step: Spot treatment. Like I said, I usually have a spot somewhere or a bit of redness so I like to apply the Grease Lightening spot treatment to any of those areas. I love that this is a clear aloe Vera based gel that you can apply at any point of the day. It dries quick and isn't even noticeable. This works wonders. It helps with inflammation and swelling and is nice and soothing on the skin. 

I know this is a lengthy post and is a lot of steps for a skincare regime but I believe in taking good care of my skin. It goes through a lot in our lifetime. Lots of changes wether it be climate or age it deserves to be loved!  So go check your medicine cabinets and ask yourself, are you using the right products for your skin?  Are you happy with the way your skin looks and feel?  Are you missing a key step in your regime?

Let me know what your favorite skin care products are and go check out Lush's product line! 



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