Yesterday was my little sisters (Emma) 18th birthday!!!!!  Her and I had a wonderful day together yesterday.  First off, we went to get some delicious brunch at a place called Devil's Teeth Baking Company where I bought us some amazing breakfast sandwiches that consisted of: biscuit, bacon, egg and cheese and then some donut muffins. <3  Truly marvelous.  After brunch, we ended up going to the spa and getting massages and visiting the bathes (sauna, steam room, cool pool & hot pool).  Our massages were each 50 minutes, which FLEW by and made me sad because I did not want it to end.  The spa strongly suggests that when visiting the bathes, that you do it in a specific order of first going into the steam room which was at I think 120 degrees and OMG it was so intense.  We could barely stand it because it's just hot air blowing on you and you instantly sweat out of every pore the second you walk in.  After the steam room came the sauna which was not as hot as the steam room and actually felt really nice.  Sometimes it feels so good to sweat it out.  After you visit each really hot room, you are supposed to enter into the cold bath which was set at 55 degrees and holy crap it was like stepping into an ice bath.  At first, I was saying that there was no way what so ever that I could put my whole body in but other ladies were telling us that we just had to go for it.  LOL.  And that is exactly what I did.  After a couple minutes, my body definitely went numb and I was READY for that hot bath.  When we went in the "hot bath" my sister said, "I want it hotter!"  And I think I might have to agree because it was not hot at all it just felt like a warm bath.  But once we were done, it ended up being such an amazing experience.  I had a lot of time to self reflect and during my massage, I actually got really emotional for some reason...call me crazy.  After our spa afternoon, we came back to my house to just chill before getting ready for dinner.  Dinner was spectacular and was at one of my favorite places ever called Pizzetta 211.  Super tiny place but freaking amazing food.  Tyler, Grady, Emma and myself all went to dinner and had so much fun.  After dinner, we all came back to the house for some yummy cake and ice cream of course!!!  Overall, I think my sister had a great day and I was so glad to spend it with her.  I love you Emma!  And if you guys haven't already, go check out her blog: useyouremmagination.blogspot.com

Here are just a couple pictures from the day to show you: 
This is pizzetta

Tyler & Grady being silly

The beautiful birthday girl

My pizza!  Rosemary, cheese & pine nuts-YUM!

Emma's pizza!  Ham, cheese & kale-also vvvvery good!

The cake I made for emma: a cinnamon swirl bundt cake with a cookie butter ice cream from Trader Joe's-freaking good.

Good night everyone!  Hope you guys had a great weekend!



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